Krista, thepStyle.comHi – my name is Krista and I founded The pStyle Company in 2006 to promote two products that have had a tremendous positive impact on my life. Neither is as well known as it should be and I wanted that to be different. People often ask me if I use the pStyle and The DivaCup® and the answer is absolutely! I can't imagine life without them.

When the menstrual cup came into my life in the early 90's I couldn’t stop telling everyone I met about it. The idea that women might go through their lives without one was unacceptable to me. This led to selling them as a hobby. It was never very lucrative but the joy it brought to people's lives kept me at it where ever I went.

A friend introduced me to the pStyle in early 2006 and I immediately knew I wanted to share it with others. I found that if people were excited about one product it often meant they liked the other so it made sense to start a business that would promote both.

Today, the pStyle Company is no longer just me. I have a wonderful business partner and three amazing part time employees. We love sharing the benefits of these products so please contact us if you have any questions or ideas about them.

At the core of our business is a trans feminist ethic. To us this means acknowledging that women and trans people are not yet treated equally and that this is an unacceptable and unsustainable way to live. Our small contribution to changing this is to share these two empowering products with as many people as possible.

While women are the primary users of both products they are not the only ones who benefit from them. Everyone wins when someone close to them has an easier time peeing or having a period and produces less waste in the process. Trans men (FTM) might use one or both products. Cis gendered men might use a pStyle if they have a medical condition that interferes with their ability to stand up and pee.