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The pStyle is a wonderful discovery. I plan to give them as gifts to active young women who will love the freedom to go where there are no toilets available, to mature women who are finding it increasingly difficult to "hover" over unsanitary public toilets and to little girls who will be able to take care of their needs away from home as easily as their brothers.


Nancy from Hickory, NC

There is only one thing more satisfying than fighting a fish bigger than you are: the look on a guy's face as you stand side by side at the back of the boat! I bring my pStyle on every fishing trip because I can stay hydrated and still be discreet. The pStyle has changed my life!


Patti from New York, NY

We climbed Mount Denali recently and I can tell you that without a pStyle this would be a very difficult experience. However, with pStyle we could drink as much fluids as we could melt, no worries. Stop, unzip, position pStyle and... magic!


Elna from Sandton, South Africa

Rugged terrain, no bathrooms, no privacy - I'm bringing my pStyle!


Ginger from Albion, WA

I don't hike without it! The pStyle is easy to use without the hassle of finding a place to hide!


Amy from Tucson, AZ

My pStyle is so convenient for day hiking... The uses continue to amaze me. When I threw out my back it was a godsend.


Janet from Pittsburgh, PA

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