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Pee in Style

Posted by Cee on 7th Aug 2023

"I've tried different devices and this is my favorite. The hard plastic makes it SO easy to maneuver through clothing (even pants with no fly and with a climbing harness on) and it's a breeze to wash."

Super helpful
Posted by Sam on 16th Jun 2021

"This has honestly become one of the best purchases I've made for my long hiking trips. It's high quality and has a good shape to avoid leakage onto clothes. As a trans guy with a lot of anxiety about potentially being seen while peeing on a hike, this has been a game-changer! It's also great to not have to worry about accidentally coming in contact with poison ivy in some unpleasant areas. Highly recommend this product!"

Best tool ever
Posted by Julia Mente on 14th Aug 2022

"I love my pStyle so much! I’m thru hiking the Appalachian trail and I stay so hydrated, and this helps me to pee without taking off my backpack (which is a hassle and crushes vegetation next to the trail) keeps me safe from sitting on poison ivy or walking through it, and stops me from trudging into the woods stepping on plants and maybe snakes. I give ticks less access to my bare skin. I recommend this as a must for long distance hikers. Also, I’ve used other assistive devices and this one is the safest, once I got a hang of it I’ve never had a slip up!"

Best Purchase I've Ever Made
Posted by Laika on 18th Feb 2023

"I've been using the pStyle since 2008. This $12 purchase has been literally life changing. Travel is easier, hygiene when camping/backpacking/hiking is easier, and I can stay warm when I need to pee while doing cold-weather activities. I'm something of an evangelist for the pStyle: I'll tell anyone who will listen how great it is, and hand them out for bdays/Hanukkah/whatever occasion. Do yourself a favor and get one today."

Yay recycled plastic!
Posted by Ruby on 10th Nov 2022

"The pStyle works so well on outdoor adventures or whenever you are outside and don't want to remove layers or pull down your pants. I use it mainly for whitewater kayaking, because I have a mens drysuit with a front pee-zip so without the pStyle I would have to take off my helmet, pfd, neoprene skirt, and my drysuit just to pee, and then put it all back on again. And I have to pee a lot so it would suck without my pStyle. The psyle literally enables me to enjoy kayaking. Thank you!"

Posted by Tammie Perrigo on 14th Jun 2023

"This is a game changer for me! No more awkward squatting and hoping I don’t pee on my feet! We snowmobile and I hate the process of taking off multiple layers and the anxiety of hoping no one comes by on the trail while I’m half undressed and freezing my fanny off. The pStyle is easy to use and is easy to carry and store. Great product!"


Posted by Kim on 12th Dec 2022

"We LOVE the pStyle. We buy extras to hand out as gifts to friends and family of all ages. My 98 year old grandma loves it too! When sitting or squatting due to conditions, injury, or bad knees & hips, pStyle is there. Thank you!!!"

Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2023

"This is so amazing. I recently had knee surgery and couldn't easily use a potty that didn't have a raised seat. I didn't want to be too far from home because of fear of needing to go pee. I found pStyle and never looked back. It's so easy to use and I can now pee standing up and not worry about being out and about and having to sit to use a potty. THANK YOU!"


Posted by Lisa Last on 5th Jul 2021

"This product changed my life! I’m so much more confident on outdoor excursions and do not have to dehydrate myself. It was amazing to use when I was pregnant and needed to pee all the time. I started my daughter on it as soon as she began potty training and she is starting out life knowing she can go anywhere! It’s easy to use, lightweight, and the squeegee feature is genius."


Bladder saver
Posted by Madeleine on 18th Feb 2022

"I drive a truck long haul coast to coast and there are just not enough rest rooms west of the Mississippi. Once I worked up the courage to try it, life got so much easier. So happy I went for it."

Life changing!
Posted by Maryrose Livingston on 27th Jan 2021

"I've been using a pStyle for years, and giving them away to all of my women friends, most of whom are farmers. Everyone confirms that the pStyle has changed their lives in a positive way! I can't tell you enough how the pStyle has made my life easier, more productive, less prone to difficulties, and MORE FUN! Thank you!"

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Posted by Krista (she/her) on 8th Sep 2020

"Best product ever! I’ve tried at least 6 other types/brands of stand to pee devices and was never happy. I’ve peed on my shoes, down my leg, on my climbing rope... UGH! Then a friend recommended a pStyle and it was like angels singing. What an amazing design! No more funnel to overflow, no more tube to push back in and get pee all over my hand, no more leaks! I couldn’t be happier with this product."