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Introducing the pStyle:
Stand up & pee with ease.

Stand up and pee with the pStyle
  • Get Up and Go in Style

    The freedom you never knew you were missing:


    Discretely step off the trail and stay out of the poison ivy, all without even removing your backpack.

    On the Road

    Not every road you travel has a clean bath room when you need it. Take the stress out of road trips with the pStyle. Just find a safe place to pull the car over and you're set.

    Public Bathrooms

    No more hovering!


    Do you avoid drinking water at your favorite music festival because it means a visit to your least favorite place? With the pStyle there's no more acrobatics inside the porta pottie trying to keep yourself and your clothes clean and dry.


    You don't always know what to expect when you leave home. From far away wilderness to the cities of the world, the pStyle gives you options when you need to pee.

    Recreational Activities

    Trips back to the lodge are a thing of the past. From golfing to skiing and everything else in between, the pStyle will keep you out and doing what you love most.

  • The pStyle is a device that allows women and trans men to pee standing up without undressing. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well. Because it is made of rigid plastic, the pStyle is easily maneuvered through clothing. The unique funnel shape of the pStyle directs the flow away from the body. The rounded back edge can be used to wipe, so there are no drips! It is easy to clean by shaking vigorously or rinsing.

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  • "I took my place in front of the toilet, hesitantly put the pStyle in place (or at least what instinct told me was the right place) and let nature take its course. To my amazement, it worked perfectly! I particularly loved the fact that I could use the pStyle to clear any drips as well by simply pulling it forward."

    - TravellingTwo.com

    "Finally this past weekend we were out in the middle of nowhere, with not a loo to be found and the P-Style in my bag. So I didn't hesitate. Out it came, my jeans were loosened, my panties pulled aside, and relaxing was never an issue. There I stood on a deserted road, peeing downwind in an upright position. It was a moment of pure joyful liberation."

    - InThePowderRoom.com

    "There is no doubt that the [pStyle] will soon become indispensible especially to the frequent traveler. Just imagine being on a stretch of highway with no rest area or bathroom facility for fifty miles. With many of the United States dealing with inadequate highway funding most have to close down rest areas and bathroom facilities. In addition, going into a rest area bathroom late at night can be dangerous and not recommended."

    - MyRVParks.com


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Easy to use while clothed

Reusable and simple to clean

BPA & phthalate free

Made in the USA