pStyle Caters To Many Different Industries. Find Yours Here! 

Our pStyle stand-to-pee device is conveniently designed to cater to everyone across many industries. Whether you're from the military, healthcare, first responders, or love going out for a climb, hiking, water activities, or traveling, we've got you covered.


Find comfort in knowing that you'll never have to worry about finding a place to pee anywhere you may be because you have a pStyle in your pocket or bag.


Find your industry here!

Outdoor Recreation Industry

Whether you’re in business with any of these industries or these are your hobbies, the pStyle urination device is your ally. Take it to the mountains, oceans, or snow — peeing will be the last thing you need to worry about.

Barriers to hydration are not optimal at any time, especially when dealing with physical issues. People familiar with the healthcare industry know patients need help peeing in various situations. The pStyle is here to help.

When someone is busy building the roof and suddenly feels the urge to urinate, it could be painful to hold it until they get in the toilet. The pStyle stand-to-pee device solves this problem.

Everyone depends on the trucking industry’s drivers to bring us food, fuel, construction materials, and everything else we need to live our lives. Yet, accommodations are often not made for drivers to pee when they need to, especially if drivers are female, trans, intersex, or non-binary. 

The pStyle changes the game!

We see you, landscape crew! You work long hours, rush from job to job, and chug water in the summer heat. Cis men have historically dominated the landscaping industry, and the dilemma of where to pee is even more difficult if you’ve got to drop your pants to squat. 

The pStyle is one tool you’ll want to carry to every job site, just in case! 

RV industry


The RV industry has gear for everything. Have you thought about how you’ll pee? The pStyle is simple, affordable, and effective! Traveling with a pStyle is easy-peasy! The RV industry has an overwhelming array of resources, and the pStyle stands out. It’s simple, affordable, effective, and perfect for the job. It might even change how you see the world you’re driving through.

The sports industry makes gear for a wide array of athletes, many of whom are women and trans people. All too often, these athletes struggle to find gear that’s appropriate for their bodies and the real-life situations they encounter.

A stand-to-pee device like the pStyle makes it easy, clean, and fast to pee in any situation.

If you can't see your industry here, please don't hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll be glad to assist you.