Rock Climbing

Rock climbing brings people out into wild and remote places. The rock climbing industry is built to provide climbers with the best tools for many specific situations — often, their lives depend on it. 

Sooner or later, every climber needs to pee — high on a rock face, hiking on a trail, or at the climbing gym. The pStyle is the perfect tool to make it easier.


Easy to Use with a Climbing Harness

It’s just easier. Pull out the pStyle, unzip or slightly pull down your pants, and go. The harness stays in place. For rock climbing, a stand-to-pee device is revolutionary for women and trans climbers. 

Indispensable on a Big Wall

It’s much easier to aim with a pStyle. Plus, the harness doesn’t have to be unbuckled when you’re high up on the rock face. Simply unzip and pee. On high-wall climbs, the pStyle means that peeing is easier, safer, and cleaner.

Use It in the Outdoors…

Hiking out to climb in the woods? Spare yourself the agony of squatting in poison ivy or searching for privacy. Where and how to pee should be stress-free. The best STP device for rock climbing is the one in your pocket. 

…And at the Climbing Gym!

The option to pee standing up means that climbers can enjoy spending the day with their friends. The harness can stay in place on a quick trip to the bathroom, and you have more choice about which clothes to wear. 

Gender Equity

Many climbers work in small groups of less than five people. If you’re the only woman or trans person in a group, the social dynamics around peeing — especially in the outdoors—can feel overwhelming. 

When your friend group goes rock climbing, an STP device makes peeing as simple as turning your back and unzipping your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it with my climbing harness?

Yes! The pStyle is easy to use with a climbing harness. The harness can stay in place while you unzip or slightly pull down your clothes. Multiple layers and warm winter clothing can remain in place as well. The pStyle’s rigid plastic allows it to pass through underwear flaps without the risk of spilling. 

How do I carry my pStyle while rock climbing?

If you’re packing your stand-to-pee device for rock climbing, you’ve got options. We make a canvas pCase that clips to a belt or pack, or you can stow your pStyle in an exterior pocket of your frame pack or crag bag.

Inside a bag, you can put the pStyle in a ziplock bag or, better, wrap it in a bandana, which lets it breathe and is useful for wiping it off. 

How do I clean it?

Shake the pStyle vigorously once or twice — this removes the urine and is the simplest way to keep it clean. When you’re out rock climbing, your urination device will stay remarkably clean if shaken out with each use. 

Wash it at the next convenient time with soap and water, a sanitary wipe, or just a simple rinse. Check out our article about cleaning for a more in-depth look at it. 

Got more questions? We love talking pStyles — so contact us anytime. There’s also lots of information on our website about pStyle for the rock climbing industry and more. See you up on the walls!