PUDs are for Everyone!

For many years, devices like the pStyle have been sold under the name Female Urination Device, or FUD. At pStyle we think it’s time to retire this outdated term in favor of ones like Stand to Pee or STP (popularized by the trans community), Pee Funnel, Personal Urination Device, Portable Urination Device, or PUD.

Why is it time for this change? In 17 years of interacting with our wonderful customers we've seen that every gender imaginable uses the pStyle. If all people might benefit from pee funnels, why would we label them as something only for females?

Many women (both trans and cis) need help standing to pee while clothed. That’s where a Personal Urination Device like the pStyle comes in handy.

Trans men, non binary, and intersex people often have a need for an STP for gender affirmation, safety, convenience, or all three.

Many people don’t realize that cis men may also want a urinary funnel. At pStyle we have spoken with several cis men who have medical conditions that make it challenging or impossible for them to stand and pee. The pStyle can help them regain this ability which is often very meaningful.

We welcome all people to pStyle with the terms Stand to Pee device (STP), Pee Funnel, Portable Urination Device, Personal Urination Device, or PUD. We hope you will join us in using these more modern terms.

If you have thoughts, comments, or suggestions please contact us.