Snow Sports

The first sharp inhale of cold winter air means that it’s almost time for winter sports. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, even sledding — you name it, the snow sports industry has thrills, adventure, and athleticism. 


There’s one thing all snow sports have in common — bulky winter clothes. Ever had to pee on skis in the backcountry on a cold winter afternoon? Staying hydrated is critical when you’re being active; sooner or later, you’ll definitely have to pee.  

With a pStyle in your back pocket, peeing in the snow can be easy, comfortable, discreet — even fun. 

Keep Those Layers On!

Who wants to unzip their ski bibs balanced on skis? Snow sports and a stand-to-pee device are a match made in heaven. The pStyle’s rigid plastic design means it holds its shape (and won’t spill) as it passes through multiple layers of thick clothing, including underwear flaps. 

Location, Location, Location

The ability to pee standing up gives you more choices about where and how to pee. Cross-country skiers and snowshoers often move in groups; with a pStyle, you can simply turn your back or duck behind the nearest tree. 

It’s more convenient, and it’s also safer, quicker, and easier. We love snow sports, and an STP device in your back bib pocket means you can focus on what you enjoy and skip the cold tuchus.   

Stay Hydrated

You might be tempted to stop drinking water if it’s too cumbersome to pee. Carrying a pStyle means that peeing is easy and worry-free. Taking a pee break is quick when you’re just unzipping your fly and you don’t have to trudge off to find a private spot to squat. Dehydration seriously affects athletic performance and health. 

Gender Equity

One reason to carry a stand-to-pee device for snow sports is gender equity in the most practical sense. Your ski group will likely have a mix of genders, and taking a pee break will mean different things to different people. 

When women, trans men, and non-binary folks can pee quickly and efficiently, it’s a matter of safety, as well as keeping up with a group. 

Keep Your Butt Covered

Yes, it’s true — there are ski bibs with detachable butt flaps that make it possible to squat to pee. But it gets really, really cold out there. The best thing about an STP urination device for Snow Sports is that you only have to unzip your fly. 

Let’s Play in the Snow!

Winter is a time to play. Who wants to worry about how to pee on a fun day out in the snow? Snow sports are simply more accessible if your basic bodily functions are easily met. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to clean the pStyle during a long ski day?

You can rinse it in the snow! (No, really!) Snow sports and urination devices go hand in hand. Shaking the pStyle or wiping it off with a bandana after each use is also easy. 

Is the pStyle long enough to clear my ski bibs?

Yes, it probably is. The pStyle is 7.5 inches long, roughly half of which must clear your clothing. Everybody is different, as is every winter outfit. Many pStyle customers have been satisfied with its use for winter clothing. 

Can I use the pStyle in cold temperatures?

When we began manufacturing the pStyle, we chose a more impact-resistant resin in cold-weather climates. No, it’s not unbreakable, but yes, you can carry it outdoors on a cold winter day.

Do you have more questions about how you can use the pStyle in the Sports Industry? Give us a call to get the answers!