pStyle - Recycled Ocean Plastic - Stand to Pee - Personal Urination Device (PUD)

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The pStyle is a plastic device that allows women, nonbinary folks, and trans men to pee standing up without undressing. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well. Because it is made of rigid plastic, the pStyle is easily maneuvered through clothing and properly positioned. The rounded back edge is used to wipe with so there are no drips! The pStyle can be cleaned with soap and water, wet wipes, or shaken vigorously and washed at the next convenient time. It is also dishwasher safe.

This pStyle is made in partnership with Oceanworks® out of recycled ocean plastic recovered from fishing nets, trawls, and ropes. Discarded fishing gear is the most deadly form of ocean plastic to marine life. It takes around 600 years to decompose and makes up about 10% of ocean plastic pollution.

The Oceanworks® Guarantee: Responsibly sourcing traceable, authentic and high-quality recycled plastics to keep our oceans clean.

Please note that the pStyle works well for many adults and children. Due to the diversity of human bodies, it cannot work for ALL people. If you have concerns about the size of the pStyle and whether it would work for you, please contact us

Size: 7.75" (L) x 1.625" (W) x 1.75" (H)

Metric size: 19.05 cm (L) x 4.19 cm (W) x 4.4 cm (H)

Weight: 0.8 oz (22 g.)

Materials: BPA and phthalate free polypropylene.

Made in the USA


Maneuver the pStyle through your clothing and place it so the widest part is centered under your urethra. Check to be sure clothing is not inside the cup of the pStyle. Tilt the open end down, relax, and pee. After you finish peeing, wait a moment, then pull the pStyle slowly forward with a firm upward pressure to remove the remaining drops.

Shake vigorously or rinse with water and store in a secure place. If water is not available, wash your pStyle at the next convenient time or carry sanitary wipes. The pStyle is dishwasher safe.

Most users have success the first time they try the pStyle. For some it takes a little practice. You can perfect your technique in the shower.

Can people with physical issues or wheelchairs use the pStyle?

Many people with injuries or physical issues have great success with the pStyle. If you are on crutches, can’t sit on a public toilet after a hip replacement, or just have a hard time getting up and down due to painful knees it will be very useful.

We have heard positive reports from people who can’t use public restrooms due to chemical sensitivity or phobias and people with a frequent need to urinate due to pregnancy or illness.

People who use wheelchairs have varied success. You need to be able to get to the front of the chair and get the pStyle under your body in order for it to work.

If you have questions please contact us.

How do I avoid getting splatter on my shoes / splashback in a toilet.

Take a wide stance. Avoid peeing onto a hard surface such as asphalt or compacted dirt. Aim for a vertical surface. Aim onto a surface that is lower than your shoes.

In a toilet, alter the angle of your pee stream so that it hits the wall of the toilet/urinal at a gradual angle; the closer to 90 degrees, the worse the splashback will be. You can also lay down a piece of toilet paper and aim for that.

Check out this video on the fluid dynamics of splashback for more info.

Can I use the pStyle in a car?

Never drive and pStyle at the same time. Determined passengers may be able to pull it off. Best practice is to find a safe place to pull over and use the pStyle while the vehicle is not in motion.

I’m having trouble using the pStyle. What should I do?

First re-read the instructions. You may not be placing the pStyle far back enough. The ideal spot for the back end is just forward of the perineum. Make sure you are tilting it downward and not tipping it to the side. Check to see that clothing is not inside the cup.

If you are still having trouble you are welcome to contact us. with questions. We will try our best to help you figure out how to have success.

Who uses the pStyle?

While women are the primary users they are not the only ones who benefit. Everyone wins when someone close to them has an easier time peeing. Non Binary folks and trans men might use the pStyle. Cis gendered men might use a pStyle if they have a medical condition that interferes with their ability to stand up and pee.

Can children use the pStyle?

We have had reports of successful pStyle use from parents of children as young as three. Practice in the shower is recommended.

44 Reviews

  • 5
    Recycled pStyle

    Posted by Janice on 6th Aug 2023

    This solves a multitude of problems with a very unique solution! Thank you for having the curiosity, vision, focus, motivation, attitude and just being gutsy to make your dreams come true.

  • 5
    Immediately became a favorite piece of gear

    Posted by Zoe on 9th Jul 2023

    This is a total game-changer! I'm never hiking without this. It works SO well, took no time to get familiar and comfortable using, and my on-trail pee-breaks are so much easier, faster, and less stressful now. The wiping feature of this and the ease of cleaning it make it superior to any other product out there. After first use, this became one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear (and undoubtedly the least expensive)!

  • 5
    Brilliant design and environmentally friendly product

    Posted by Gabriel Haaland on 29th Jun 2023

    I literally can practically put this in my pocket it is so small and it is designed so well that I have not had any problems whatsoever with "leakage" when I use it. Other products on the market are bulkier and I have had some problems with them. I'm a huge fan and have recommended this product to my friends.

  • 5

    Posted by Mary on 15th Jun 2023

    3rd device I've had and easiest to use. It's hard vs. flexible which makes it easier to use without lowering pants. No fear of it collapsing and leaking on clothing

  • 5
    Life changing product!

    Posted by Jeanna on 22nd May 2023

    I work as a field scientist and spend a lot of time in the woods. My boss bought me one for Christmas a few years ago, and although a weird gift from a boss, I gave it a shot, and boy are these things awesome! No more mosquito bites on your backside! It reduces or eliminates the amount of TP you need. It greatly increases the places you can go (from a boat, along the road, a less-than-hygenic porta potty). My only suggestion is that they created a slightly longer model (maybe an inch or two) for when you have bulky winter layers on, or for larger people who might need that extra length to hold on to. I know when ice fishing this year the standard length was a little sketchy when I had 4 layers on during a particularly cold day.

  • 5
    pStyle Saves Knees & Trees

    Posted by Joan On A Lark on 20th May 2023

    Squatters stand up to pee AND go paperless! The pStyle is fantastic. I am using it on the Camino Frances from St Jean pied de port, France to Santiago de Compostela. It is very easy to learn to use. All you have to do is unzip (leave waistband buttoned), slide it in, tip it down, relax and go. It wipes you when you pull it out. Nothing is revealed during the process - very discreet. It took some time for me to be able to quickly relax. I have seen so much toilet paper behind bushes on the trail. Once you feel bold enough to give it a try, and get some practice, you will love it. I ordered 12 for my niece to bring to Spain when she joins me on the trail, so I can give them away:)

  • 5
    Must have of the 21st century.

    Posted by Maryann on 9th May 2023

    About to head on a cross country road trip in a camper van with no toilet. I didn’t know how well the pStyle worked so I wanted to practice in my bathtub. Let me tell you. There is no reason you’ll need to practice in your bathtub. First time user. Zero drips. Can’t wait to pee in the woods.

  • 5

    Posted by Patrece on 17th Apr 2023

    This is the greatest invention for use anywhere! No more squatting! Rehydrate all you want. No holding back.

  • 5
    Exactly what I hoped it would be

    Posted by Mica on 15th Apr 2023

    Works great, easy to use, not super obvious what it is at first glance which is nice. The carrying case and the fact that's it's recycled are both great bonuses too. Love it!

Recycled pStyle in partnership with Oceanworks

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