We see you, landscape crew! You work long hours, rush from job to job, and chug water in the summer heat. Cis men have historically dominated the landscaping industry, and the dilemma of where to pee is even more difficult if you’ve got to drop your pants to squat. 

The pStyle is one tool you’ll want to carry to every job site, just in case! 



Private Homes

Many clients do not allow landscapers to use their bathrooms. Women and trans landscapers can bring a pStyle to pee discreetly outdoors, where and when it’s appropriate to do so. You can also easily use a jar or bucket at the work truck. 

Commercial Landscaping

If you’re working on industrial landscaping jobs, restrooms might be available, but not always. Carrying a pStyle means you can pee outdoors when appropriate. You don’t have to sit on unclean commercial toilets, either. 

Landscape Construction

Job sites that are under construction are required to have port-a-potties. But you don’t have to sit on a dirty seat if you have a pStyle. You might even be able to sneak behind the nearest hedge. 


Working at a place like a university campus or arboretum, you’ll probably have access to crew bathrooms. However, if you’re always carrying a pee device, the landscape work on the far side of campus will get done quicker without a trip back to the crew bathroom. 

Urban Locations

Arborists, gardeners, and other landscapers often work on city streets. Even when you can’t pee outdoors, the pStyle lets you pee in a bucket toilet in the truck. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to pee outdoors in public?

Many codes do not specifically mention public urination and use other statutes against indecent exposure or damaging public property. 

Check out our tips for peeing in public discreetly and legally. The pStyle means you can remain fully clothed while you pee into a bottle instead of onto the sidewalk. Carrying a urination device when landscaping helps you stay discreet and within the law.

Can I pee into a bottle with the pStyle?

Yes! It is possible as long as the end of the pStyle fits into the bottle. Like those sold with salsa at the grocery store, wide-mouth bottles with stout handles make it easy to retain a firm grip on the bottle.

Can I use the pStyle in my landscaping truck?

Yes, you probably can. It’s one of the advantages of carrying the best STP device for landscaping.

In the cab, you’ll need to scoot forward far enough to get the pStyle under your body and hold a jar simultaneously. If you have an enclosed van, it’s easier to use a jar in the privacy of the cargo hold. 

Check out our website for pStyles in a variety of colors and work-ready canvas pCases that clip to your belt. 

Do you have questions about the benefit of the pStyle for the landscaping industry? Drop us a line on our contact page.