The pStyle

How do I use the pStyle?Go to Top

Pants with a zipper are ideal but most outfits can be accommodated. Move underwear to the side, taking care that it is fully out of the way. Place the pStyle so the widest part is between your legs and centered under your urethera. Tilt the open end slightly down, relax, and pee. It may feel strange at first but soon it will become second nature. When finished peeing, pull the pStyle forward with a firm upward motion to remove any remaining drops. The shower is a great place to practice.

How do I clean the pStyle?Go to Top

If it is convenient, wash the pStyle with soap and water, otherwise simply rinse with water. If neither option is available shake the pStyle vigorously - this removes most of the urine - and wash it at the next convenient time. Sanitary wipes can also be used to clean it. The pStyle is dishwasher safe. If you have an infection always clean the pStyle with soap and water between uses.

How do I carry the pStyle?Go to Top

One of the best ways is to have a carrying case which you can put inside a bag or attach to your belt. We sell the pCase on our site but you can also make your own. Below is a list of places you might carry your pStyle. Where ever you carry it be sure it is secure!

  • deep tool pocket or cargo pocket in pants
  • any pocket with a zipper or Velcro
  • custom carrying case that can be worn on a belt
  • purse
  • back pack
  • garden tote
  • glove box
  • tackle box
  • saddlebags
  • fanny pack

Can I use the pStyle sitting down - in a car for example? Go to Top

It is possible to use the pStyle sitting down, but you need to be able to get up to the edge of whatever you are sitting on so you can get the pStyle underneath you and tilt it down. If you are driving a vehicle of any type you should not attempt this. It is not safe.

 How big is the pStyle and how much does it weigh?Go to Top

The pStyle measures approximately 3.8 cm (1.5 in) tall, 3.8 cm (1.5 in) wide and 19 cm (7.5 in) long. It weighs 0.8 ounces.

Are there BPAs or phthalates in the pStyle?Go to Top

No, the pStyle is made from BPA and phthalate free polypropylene.

Do you ship internationally?Go to Top

Yes, we ship all over the world. When you check out your shipping costs will be calculated according to your location. Be aware that international orders can take up to a month to arrive.

Is the pStyle recyclable?Go to Top

Yes. It is made from #2 plastic.

The pStyle isn’t working for me. What should I do?Go to Top

First, re-read the instructions for how to use it. You may not be placing the pStyle far enough back. The ideal spot for the back end of it is just forward of the perineum. Make sure you are tilting it downward and not tilting it to either side. Check to see that your clothing is not in the way.

If you are still having trouble you are welcome to contact us. Please let us know as many details as you can about the problems you are having and what you have tried to remedy them. We will try her best to give you advice and help you figure it out.

The DivaCup

How do I choose my DivaCup size?Go to Top

Model one is for people under 30 who have not had a child. Model two is for people over thirty and/or those who have had any type of childbirth. Model two is slightly larger than Model one (+ 4.6 mm / 1/8 inch). People often want to know why someone over thirty who has not had any type of childbirth needs a larger size. As we age our vaginal muscles become looser, resulting in the need for a slightly larger cup. In accordance with government regulations all sales of the DivaCup® are final. Please choose your size carefully. If you have questions and would like advice you can contact Krista.

How do I insert The DivaCup®Go to Top

Flatten the DivaCupFold the DivaCup

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Get comfortable – either squatting or sitting with legs spread. Relax. Squeeze the cup together, and then fold in half so it's quartered holding it between your thumb and forefinger. An alternate method of folding that works better for some is to push one side of the rim down into the cup, hold it in this position at the base, and insert the open end curved side down. Using your other hand spread your labia and use a finger to pull slightly at the vaginal opening.

Insert the DivaCup

Take the folded cup and insert it so the open part of the cup will be highest up. Push the cup upwards with your fingers until the tab is about even with the vaginal opening. The cup will probably not be fully open when you first put it in. You can check this with your finger. You will need to either grab the base and rotate it or tug on it or do both to get it to open up. With practice you will know when it is open without having to check.

Wear a pad the first time you sleep with your cup at night. Some people will fill it up and leak at night while others won't.

The tab is uncomfortable. What should I do?Go to Top

If the tab is uncomfortable you may need to trim it. Take a scissors and cut straight across at the lowest line. Then cut the edges at a 45 degree angle to round them.

How do I remove The DivaCup®?Go to Top

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Again get comfortable and relax!! Tensing up will make it harder to get the cup out. Spread your legs and reach down with both hands. Use one hand to spread your labia and with the other reach for the base of the cup. Use the tab to pull it down or press with your stomach muscles to get it close enough to grab the base. It cannot be removed by just pulling on the tab! Squeeze the base – this lets air in through the tiny holes in the rim and releases the suction. Pull the cup out keeping it upright and empty it. If it is convenient wash it with water – if you are in a public restroom wipe it with tissue or a paper towel and wash it at the next convenient time.

How do I clean The DivaCup®?Go to Top

Wash your DivaCup® with a natural soap and hot water at the beginning and end of each cycle. During your cycle rinsing is usually adequate. You can boil the Diva Cup to sterilize it. Do not use chlorine or any other type of bleach or harsh chemicals on your cup. It may discolor slightly over time – this is normal. To remove the discoloration wipe with rubbing alcohol and boil completely submerged for five minutes.

How should I store my DivaCup?Go to Top

Store your cup in the cloth bag it comes with or some other air permeable container. It will get moldy if you store it in a plastic bag or container. Choose one place to keep the cup when it is not in use and always keep it there.

Keep your cup away from dogs (and reportedly some cats!). They will chew it up!

Why isn't this concept as widespread as tampons or pads?Go to Top

Without the monthly repeat sales that disposable products bring, cup manufacturers cannot afford to generate the massive amounts of advertising that the tampon industry can. In addition negative attitudes about blood and menstruation are common. A reusable product that involves closer contact with menstrual fluid is a harder sell. As these attitudes change and people become more environmentally conscious, the popularity of the cup grows.

What's so bad about tampons anyway?Go to Top


  • Most tampons are made of synthetic materials that dry and abrade the delicate tissue inside the vagina. In addition to absorbing menstrual blood they also absorb some of the fluid that keeps the vagina healthy. They are associated with the rare and sometimes deadly disease Toxic Shock Syndrome (Please go to and look in the FAQs for more information about this disease). Tampons are often bleached with chlorine.
  • Buying tampons is like throwing money away. If you use a $5 box every month from age 15-50 you would spend $2100 – or $60 a year. At that rate a menstrual cup pays for itself in seven months. *Every year in the U.S. 12 billion disposable tampons and pads are thrown away. For each menstruating person this adds up to about 300 pounds of trash in a lifetime.
  • If you must use tampons, those made of organic cotton without applicators are better than the regular brands. You can find them in most health food stores or online.


I am having trouble learning to use my cup. Is this normal?Go to Top

There is a learning spectrum when it comes to the cup. Some people get it right the first time, others need more practice. A number of factors can contribute to success such as how comfortable you are with touching your vagina, general body awareness, previous vaginal trauma, and especially how relaxed you feel about learning. I am confident that if you really want to learn, you will.

If I am having trouble learning to use the cup.  What should I do?Go to Top

Re-read all the instructions for how to use cup. Then choose a time and place to practice that feel safe and relaxed to you. If your vaginal muscles tense up it can make cup insertion and removal challenging or even painful. Learning to relax your vaginal muscles can be a process; practice and patience will eventually connect the loop between your mind and your muscles. It is very important to be kind to yourself. If you are having trouble there is nothing wrong with you. Learning to use a menstrual cup is an opportunity to become more comfortable with your body. If you have gotten frustrated it's a good idea to put the cup away for a month or two to allow yourself time to get over any negative feelings you might have about it. It is also important to be excited to learn to use the cup and have positive feelings about it. This translates to more relaxation in your body. Know that with a desire to learn and enough time you will get it.

Is it O.K. to use a menstrual cup if you have an I.U.D.?Go to Top

Yes, using a menstrual cup while having an I.U.D. in place is generally O.K. It is possible however to dislodge an I.U.D. by removing the cup too quickly or without breaking the suction. This can tug on the I.U.D. thread in the vagina and pull the device down into the cervical canal or right out. If this happens, it can be painful and will require the need for insertion of a new I.U.D. If you have recently had vaginal intercourse, there is the possibility of pregnancy.

To avoid this, break the suction by squeezing the base of the cup, wait a moment and then gently remove the cup so as not to pull the I.U.D. thread. It is also possible to ask your doctor to cut the I.U.D. thread a little shorter to help lessen the chance of dislodging the I.U.D.