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I don't hike without it! The pStyle is easy to use without the hassle of finding a place to hide!



As a rope access/welding technician, I was at a loss for how I would manage to pee while working all day. Online reviews recommended the pStyle as the best for climbing harnesses. They couldn't have been more right! The pStyle puts me on an equal playing field with my male co-workers. I'm grateful!


Gender Affirmation

As a trans guy, the pStyle is not only a matter of convenience, it's a matter of safety. I can finally pee standing up ANYWHERE. It's been a lifesaver, quite literally.


Physical Restrictions

When I first tried the pStyle I immediately knew we’d become inseparable. I have prosthetics which makes it hard for me to squat but now I don’t need to. The pStyle and I have cycled together from New York to San Francisco, paddled in Russia from the White Sea to the Baltic Sea and crossed the Tizi ’n Test mountain pass in Morocco. I’m sure we have lots of new adventures ahead of us!


Outdoor Recreation

There is only one thing more satisfying than fighting a fish bigger than you are: the look on a guy's face as you stand side by side at the back of the boat! I bring my pStyle on every fishing trip because I can stay hydrated and still be discreet. The pStyle has changed my life!


Outdoor Recreation

I really count on my pStyle for all my travel and outdoor activities, including horseback riding. We just completed a 50 mile Endurance Race out in the desert - no porta potties the entire race and only a few straggly bushes. The pStyle allows me to be independent and active without being caught with my pants down.


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