The pStyle is a must-have for those of us in the hiking industry who would rather pee standing up when we’re out in nature.

With a pStyle in hand, you can choose where and how to pee. You gain privacy, safety, ease, and cleanliness, no matter when you’ve got to go. 


Stand to Pee in Rough Terrain

Who wants to squat in poison ivy? The pStyle is a practical tool that spares you the agony of rashes or twisted ankles. Instantly peeing standing up makes finding a spot to pee easier and safer. 

Privacy on the Trail

When our customers search for the best female urination device for hiking, we know that privacy is essential to all of them (and, to be clear, plenty of our customers are not women!). 

Women and trans people can feel assured about peeing quickly and discreetly without having to drop trou. Just turn your back, unzip, use the pStyle, and let it go. 

Safety for Women and Trans People

Standing to pee gives people basic physical safety in the rough terrain on hiking trails. What’s more, because it’s discreet, you can be safer in relation to other people on the trail. 

No matter where women, trans, and gender-non-conforming people are hiking, a stand-to-pee device keeps you safe.

Backpacking and Camping

Have you ever sat to pee on a pit toilet? You don’t have to! The pStyle opens up a world of better options.

We hear from backpackers who use the pStyle on longer hikes. It’s clean, efficient, and easy, plus you can save your toilet paper for number 2. 

Day Hikes, Too

Even on a short day hike, you’ll be glad you packed your pStyle. Staying hydrated is essential when you’re physically active and it’s also important not to hold your pee unnecessarily. Carrying a stand-to-pee device for hiking makes it possible to pee anywhere it’s appropriate to step off the trail. 

Gender Affirmation

The ability to pee standing up is significant for many trans and gender-non-conforming people. The pStyle makes it possible to do so in many settings, including in hiking or camping environments that may have varying levels of privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the pStyle while hiking?

It is a common question when using an STP urination device for hiking. The pStyle’s plastic form repels liquid, so one or two shakes will keep it clean and odor-free after each use. Some hikers carry a bandana or rag to wipe themselves and the pStyle. 

Can I use the pStyle inside my tent?

Yes, with some practice. Depending on the style of tent, you may be able to pee out from under the rain fly (no more getting soaked in a rainstorm!). If you can kneel or stand inside your tent, you may be able to pee into a bottle.

How can I carry my pStyle?

One of the best ways to carry the pStyle is in a dedicated carrying case that attaches to your belt. When hiking, your stand-to-pee device can go inside your pack, in exterior pockets, in a fanny pack, in saddle bags, in a tackle box, or any pocket with velcro or a zipper. 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss pStyle with you. You can also check out our website for more information about using this amazing STP device for the hiking industryand more

See you on the trail!