Oh, the irony! You’re on a boat, surrounded by water, and suddenly you have to pee. In the boating industry, women, gender-non-conforming, and many transgender people have to find creative solutions for how to pee. 

The pStyle makes it possible to pee standing up. It can be a lifesaver when you’re in a boat.



If you’re sailing alone, having options is a matter of safety as well as convenience. For sailboat racers, the ability to pee discreetly over the transom allows crew members to spend more time on the rail.  

Pontoon Boats and Waterskiing

On a hot summer day, you could jump in the water. But when you’re really boating, a urination device like the pStyle means you can stay on deck to pilot the boat or spot your skiers. 


On a river expedition, you can always stop to take swim breaks. But you’ll also have to pee when you’re on land, especially camping on multi-day expeditions. Standing up to pee offers more privacy — plus, it’s easier to find a spot. 

Sea Kayaking

Unlike river kayaking, there may be nowhere to land when you’re at sea. The pStyle gives you maneuverability. When you’re sea boating, a stand-to-pee device means you can pee over the side, using sponsons, paddle floats, or a friend’s kayak for balance. 

If you’re using a dry suit, make sure it has a front zipper.

Canoe Trips

The pStyle is excellent for camping! Standing to pee means you don’t have to squat in poison ivy, and it’s easier to have privacy at your campsite.

Fishing Boats and Crew Boats

When you’re working on a boat, you’ve got to be able to meet your basic needs. Men dominate fishing crews, and you may be wearing winter clothing. 

Carrying a stand-to-pee device for boating means you can pee over the gunwales with your back turned, like the rest of the crew. 

The pStyle Makes It Easy!

Peeing out on the water doesn’t have to be difficult. No matter the conditions, the pStyle makes it easier to pee. Check out our full line of pStyles on our website, including the handsome canvas pCase to carry it in.  

Women, gender-non-conforming, and transgender people in the boating industry have options with the pStyle.

We love hearing from our customers about the many different situations they’ve used their pStyles in. Contact us with your amazing boating stories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the pStyle in a kayak?

It depends on the kayak and the conditions you’re in. Some kayaks with lateral stability can support you standing up; in rough waters, you can raft up to a friend for support. As with other kinds of boating, an STP device helps you pee — as long as you can safely stand up. 

In a kayak with less stability, you may need to look for other solutions, like using sponsons to stabilize the boat or peeing directly into a sponge.

Can I pee through thick layers of clothing with the pStyle?

Yes! Using a pStyle means you don’t have to remove bibs, dry suits, or winter clothing. Provided that all your layers have zippers or crotch flaps, you can use a pStyle. When you’re boating, the best urination device is the one that lets you pee quickly and safely.

The pStyle is 7.5 inches long, roughly half of which must clear your clothing. 

Can I leave my pStyle out in the sun?

Prolonged sun exposure will degrade the pStyle’s plastics. If you plan to leave the pStyle on the boat deck all season, consider using a pCase to protect it.