The construction industry has a long way to go when it comes to equitable treatment for women and trans people. There are many challenges these construction workers face daily; bathroom breaks should not be one of them.

The pStyle makes it possible to pee standing up while remaining fully clothed, which means peeing on a job site is cleaner, quicker, and safer.


Clean and Healthy

Filthy or damaged portable toilets are all too common on construction sites. Using a pStyle means you don’t have to sit down and can use it to wipe if toilet paper is missing or unsanitary.

Women and trans workers in the construction industries report drinking less water to avoid the hazards of bathroom breaks. It can lead to dehydration, which puts you at risk for heat stress and bladder issues like UTI. The pStyle encourages you to stay fully hydrated by making bathroom breaks a breeze.


Winter clothing is a pain to take off. It’s even more complicated with harnesses and climbing gear. The pStyle allows you to pee without removing any clothing; unzip your fly, place the pStyle, and go.

Have you ever had to leave the site to find a suitable toilet? The pStyle saves you valuable paid time by making it possible to use on-site options. 


Workers who carry a stand-to-pee device on construction sites can relax. It’s easier to use the portable toilets, and if you have to pee outside, you can do it quickly without dropping your pants, avoiding possible unpleasant gender dynamics with your crew. 

In one study, 88% of female construction workers reported sexual harassment. The pStyle mitigates a hostile work environment by allowing you to stay fully clothed when you need to pee. 

Take a pStyle to Work

It’s cleaner, faster, and safer to pee with a pStyle. As the best urination device for construction jobs, it’s an essential addition to your tool belt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the pStyle to pee in public?

Yes! If you understand the law, it is often possible to pee discreetly and legally in public. See our tips for peeing in public 

How do I clean my pStyle?

Shake the pStyle vigorously after each use; this removes most of the urine. Shaking it out is usually sufficient to clean a pee device on a construction site, but you can also rinse it out with a water bottle or use a sanitary wipe. Wash with soap and water when convenient. 

See our in-depth guide for more info.  

Can I pee into a bottle?

Yes, as long as the pStyle fits into the bottle’s opening. It helps to use a bottle with a stout handle or grip. The pStyle also makes it easy to pee into a bucket inside a work truck. 

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