I am an avid hiker and backpacker, I used to wait soooo long to pee because having to find a hidden place to squat and pee was just annoying. I bought the pStyle in green (my favorite color) and took it with me on a 2 day 9 peak backpacking challenge. I seriously don't know how I survived this long without the pStyle!!!

Hayley PCT Class of 2018

My boyfriend and I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail this past summer and my pStyle was a game changer for so many different reasons! In the desert portion of trail I didn't have to worry (so much) about squatting on a rattlesnake and it was amazing to not have to take off my backpack every time I needed to pee. This saves time, energy (putting your pack back on is like doing a weighted squat each time), and toilet paper, which is a major win because we pack all of our TP out of the backcountry. We saw a lot of TP on trail, especially in Washington State when the weather turned nasty. I think the ladies on trail started to be hampered down by the rain and snow. I am thankful that the pStyle allowed me to stay true to my Leave No Trace ethics.. pStyles are also super invaluable for international travel! Thanks Again!

Super helpful
Posted by Sam on 16th Jun 2021

"This has honestly become one of the best purchases I've made for my long hiking trips. It's high quality and has a good shape to avoid leakage onto clothes. As a trans guy with a lot of anxiety about potentially being seen while peeing on a hike, this has been a game-changer! It's also great to not have to worry about accidentally coming in contact with poison ivy in some unpleasant areas. Highly recommend this product!"

Best tool ever
Posted by Julia on 14th Aug 2022

"I love my pStyle so much! I’m thru hiking the Appalachian trail and I stay so hydrated, and this helps me to pee without taking off my backpack (which is a hassle and crushes vegetation next to the trail) keeps me safe from sitting on poison ivy or walking through it, and stops me from trudging into the woods stepping on plants and maybe snakes. I give ticks less access to my bare skin. I recommend this as a must for long distance hikers. Also, I’ve used other assistive devices and this one is the safest, once I got a hang of it I’ve never had a slip up!"

Best Purchase I've Ever Made
Posted by Laika on 18th Feb 2023

"I've been using the pStyle since 2008. This $12 purchase has been literally life changing. Travel is easier, hygiene when camping/backpacking/hiking is easier, and I can stay warm when I need to pee while doing cold-weather activities. I'm something of an evangelist for the pStyle: I'll tell anyone who will listen how great it is, and hand them out for bdays/Hanukkah/whatever occasion. Do yourself a favor and get one today."



Thanks for making my job SO MUCH BETTER EVERY DAY, especially as I prefer to wear overalls under my harness. You can imagine what a disruption to work it would be to climb out of where I was welding, find the bathroom, take off my harness, take off my overalls...the pStyle puts me on an equal playing field to the men I work with.


As a female police officer, there is an added stress to my 12 hour shift as I wiggle in the patrol car because I can't find a restroom clean enough to put my belt (a 25 pound puzzle) on the floor in the middle of the night and I worry about the safety of my partner as I struggle in a tiny stall, knowing I can't just run out if needed. With pStyle, I don't have to unhook my belt at all. I can make it back to the car before my partner refills his coffee and get to the next call! I am never without pStyle in my duty bag or hiking gear!


I work in the oilfield in northern Alberta and the pStyle has improved my more mosquito bit butt!!! lol Thank you so very much!


I have 5 different types of this device (pStyle) and I like this one the best! I am a commuter bus driver traveling between central NJ and NYC (an hour-&-a-half trip) where the restrooms are less than clean. Our coaches should but no longer have lav facilities, so this has become a necessity. Thanks for a very liberating product!

Bladder saver
Posted by Madeleine on 18th Feb 2022

"I drive a truck long haul coast to coast and there are just not enough rest rooms west of the Mississippi. Once I worked up the courage to try it, life got so much easier. So happy I went for it."

Life changing!
Posted by Maryrose Livingston on 27th Jan 2021

"I've been using a pStyle for years, and giving them away to all of my women friends, most of whom are farmers. Everyone confirms that the pStyle has changed their lives in a positive way! I can't tell you enough how the pStyle has made my life easier, more productive, less prone to difficulties, and MORE FUN! Thank you!"


Gender Affirmation


As a trans man who's had a bit of trouble finding the "right" STP device. A couple of friends recommended trying out pStyle, so, recently, when I saw your product in a local shop, I picked it up.

That night, I ended up at a concert venue where the bathrooms were such that I figured trying out my new pStyle certainly wasn't going to make things worse. Immediate success! I can't imagine not having this in my life now.


Thank you for making such an amazing product and keeping it at such a great price. I'm probably going to buy a backup or two in other colors, just in case - at this price, I don't want to be caught without it.


I'm actually a repeat buyer! This time I bought one for my girlfriend as well, she kept stealing mine ;-) I tried pretty much every stand-to-pee device out there before trying this and they either didn't work or weren't reliable. With the pStyle, it just works well, without a big learning curve and it's easy to clean (no tubes). Can't ask for more than that!

It also doesn't hurt that you guys are open about selling to trans people =D


I just don't have enough good things to say about my pStyle. I used it when I worked at McMurdo Station, Antarctica when disrobing out in the elements was just not an option, and neither was explaining to the other guys why I had to do so. I know for a fact that there's someone using the pStyle there this season, too. Definitely liberating and certainly a paradigm shift.

Physical Restrictions


As to why and to whom I am recommending your product: As a Physician Assistant in a Urology Group, I see lots of women with urge incontinence - last week I saw a lovely 91 year old lady who has incontinence when she's out in her large yard and can't make it back to the house in time to get to the bathroom I suggested a pStyle so that she wouldn't have to try to get all the way back to the house, and wouldn't have to squat ( a big problem for people with arthritis).


I loved the convenience of my pStyle when I was riding on a Mardi Gras float, working / playing out in the marshes and bayous, and attending fairs and festivals, but I loved it (and thanked God for it!) when I had a hysterectomy / colporrhaphy surgery.

On the way out the door to the hospital, I grabbed my pStyle as an afterthought: "... I dunno why, but I have a feeling this is gonna come in handy..." WOW! Was I right!

There was a mix-up and they gave me the wrong post-op pain reliever. The one that was prescribed had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. The pain was excruciating, particularly when I applied any weight to my bottom area. Sitting made me feel like passing out.

Not only did the pStyle eliminate the need for me to sit, being able to see my urine stream also ended up being invaluable, as they were able to catch and treat a problem before it got out of hand.

My husband used to laugh and roll his eyes at my pStyle before... he thought it was silly and gross. Not anymore. Even he could see what a blessing it was.



I have rheumatoid arthritis and when I'm having a flare up the pstyle saves me the pain and hassle of the usual full bathroom ordeal. No more pulling down pants, bending knees, trying to tear toilet paper, and reversing the whole process when everything is painful!

On road trips I can easily go in the middle of nowhere without falling over behind a bush or needing someone to help me back up!

I think the pstyle is amazing for anyone with knee or hip issues.


Posted by Lisa on 5th Jul 2021

"This product changed my life! I’m so much more confident on outdoor excursions and do not have to dehydrate myself. It was amazing to use when I was pregnant and needed to pee all the time. I started my daughter on it as soon as she began potty training and she is starting out life knowing she can go anywhere! It’s easy to use, lightweight, and the squeegee feature is genius."

Outdoor Recreation


I love the pStyle for all my outdoor adventures, but it's really been a game changer with trail and ultrarunning. I feel less vulnerable in the woods in training and races. It's always on my gear checklist, but it rarely leaves my vest.


pStyle keeps me warm in the woods! I know that sounds silly, but for years I stayed away from wearing insulated hunting bibs/coveralls due to the bathroom issue and having to take everything off just to "GO". After receiving my pStyle I purchased a pair of bibs and I have never been so warm and comfortable in my treestand!


Where have I used my pStyle? While rock’s so much easier and less time consuming not to have to remove my harness. While deep sea fishing....the surprise on our guide’s face was priceless when my friend and I refused his 5-gallon bucket and just stepped to the back of the boat and took care of business. While tailgating at a sporting event....who wants to touch any more of a port-a-potty than is absolutely necessary? On cold winter days riding my ATV when a bare anything is a bad thing.

I have 3 pStyles: one in my car at all times, one always clipped to my rock climbing pack, and a floater just in case I need it. Can’t live without them!

Posted by Tammie Perrigo on 14th Jun 2023

"This is a game changer for me! No more awkward squatting and hoping I don’t pee on my feet! We snowmobile and I hate the process of taking off multiple layers and the anxiety of hoping no one comes by on the trail while I’m half undressed and freezing my fanny off. The pStyle is easy to use and is easy to carry and store. Great product!"