How To Stand and Pee Using the pStyle

No matter where you are, the pStyle can help women, non-binary folks, and trans men of all ages easily pee while standing up with their clothes on! Instructions for cis men on this page.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be peeing standing up in no time.

  1. Grab your pStyle and take it out of the pCase or wherever you have stored it.
  2. Move your underwear out of the way
  3. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart
  4. Make sure all clothing is out of the way
  5. Place the pStyle into position, with the widest part of the cup under your urethra and the drain pointing down
  6. Do not tilt the pStyle to either side or tip it back towards your body.
  7. Aim towards the toilet or ground – Note: peeing on a hard horizontal surface will create splash. To avoid this choose soft ground or a vertical surface to pee onto. Or pee into a bottle.
  8. Relax and start peeing into the pStyle—let gravity do the rest
  9. When finished, make sure to keep the pStyle pointed down
  10. Slowly pull the pStyle forward with gentle upward pressure to wipe and catch any last drops
  11. Shake vigorously to get any remaining drops off the pStyle
  12. Clean with a wet wipe or with soap and water- if none are available clean at the next convenient time. Store your pStyle in the pCase or other container.

Feeling nervous about peeing standing up? Try using the pStyle in the shower or toilet at home. Practicing how to stand and pee will help you feel more confident when using it away from home.