"Easiest to use of all the female urination devices I have tried, and I have tried them all! It’s a good idea to practice in the shower until you get the hang of it, then do a trial run fully clothed in your bathroom, then you will be completely confident trying it when you are out and about."


"Omg. I was so skeptical and kind of grossed out by this at the onset. After 2 weeks, my essentials now include my keys, my wallet, my phone and my pStyle. I don't have to wait in bathroom lines, I can just go outside, which is my favorite place to go anyway. On a long highway drive, I can pull off anywhere and its almost enjoyable now!

The best benefit according to my environmentalist agenda, is that I don't have to use TP, ever again. I'm so thrilled by this product, I wish I could go door to door singing its praises. Hallelujah. Thanks so much."


"I hiked the PCT with a pStyle and it was one of my favorite pieces of gear! Not having to take my pack off and not having to find cover to pee several times a day was amazing."


"Not only do I consider my pStyle an essential part of my backpacking/ hiking kit, but also, when I travel via airplanes I just lean my forehead against the slanted ceiling ahead of me and use my Pstyle and I’m completely stable’! Godsend. I have bought so many of these and given as gifts. I have one in my car, every pack and purse. Thank you PStyle!!!"


"Can I just say how much I love my new pStyle? I am going to order 2 more to keep in each of my cars.  The video that you posted of you in the snowsuit was my clincher to buy the product. I was so tired of always having to find a bush or rock and then discover you peed on yourself anyways. I ran an endurance mud run a couple weeks ago and more people saw my rear than I would have liked when I had to take my bio breaks. NEVER AGAIN!!! I now carry my pStyle everywhere.  I also used it when I was in a gross outhouse. Such a great idea! You have made my outdoor adventures so much better. "


 "I love this thing! I bought the go girl and this at the same time. The go girl is too soft and not really practical for on the go urinating. Because the pStyle is rigid plastic, I can just move my shorts over or unzip my pants and slide the pstyle back to catch my urine. 

The only con to the whole process was it feels a little awkward at first and I would recommend practicing until you are comfortable with it. So when you're on the go and have to pee you'll be amazed at how easy and convenient it is." 


"I received my pStyle about a week ago, and it has really made life a lot easier for me because I am outdoors quite a bit of the day. It is super easy to use, too. I was a little nervous the first time I used it; I thought that maybe there might be some leakage towards the back part of the pStyle, but no problems at all. I will be leaving on a road trip next week, and I will be taking my pStyle with me and using it in all public bathrooms. No more uncomfortable squatting over a public toilet for me!"


"I got my pStyle from you at Womonwrites. It has traveled with me all over the US and this summer while in China for three weeks. At first my granddaughter (age 13) refused to practice before we left. Once there, she immediately became an expert!"

"I loved the convenience of my pStyle when I was riding on a Mardi Gras float, working / playing out in the marshes and bayous, and attending fairs and festivals, but I loved it (and thanked God for it!) twelve days ago when I had a hysterectomy / colporrhaphy surgery twelve days ago.

On the way out the door to go to the hospital, I grabbed my pStyle as an afterthought: "... I dunno why, but I have a feeling this is gonna come in handy..."

WOW! Was I right!

There was a mix-up and they gave me the wrong post-op pain reliever. The one that was prescribed has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.

The pain was excruciating, particularly when I applied any weight to my bottom area. Sitting made me feel like passing out.

And not only did the pStyle eliminate the need for me to sit, being able to see my urine stream also ended up being invaluable, as they were able to catch and treat a problem before it got out of hand.

My husband used to laugh and roll his eyes at my pStyle before... he thought it was silly and gross. Not anymore. Even he could see what a blessing it was.

I genuinely urge any female having any kind of procedure done between her knees and shoulders to bring along a pStyle just in case.  


"Now that Olivia is taking tours to China, they should be selling them.

As should the Women's March. Hope you sell a million more!"


"The pStyle has been amazing... I only wish I found this 15 yrs earlier during my club days lol. I never leave home without it. It's used almost daily everywhere but home. My pStyle has been from restaurants to road trips to the great outdoors..."


"pStyle keeps me warm in the woods! I know that sounds silly, but for years I stayed away from wearing insulated hunting bibs/coveralls due to the bathroom issue and having to take everything off just to "GO". After receiving my pStyle I purchased a pair of bibs and I have never been so warm and comfortable in my treestand! 

I am an Outdoor Education Specialist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. During our Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop I teach a class called Outdoor Hygiene (How to Pee in the Woods!) We feature several options. The best product is your pStyle because we have tried most of the others. Many of my instructors have them and we all swear by your product!"


"I just wanted to say that your product is awesome! I tried GoGirl prior to hearing about pStyle, and your product is 100x superior. Unless I was wearing shorts GoGirl really wasn't practical and hard to get a good seal. I really wanted to find a product I could easily use with pants, and you did it! I travel the US in an RV, I am constantly out doors look for the best rocks to climb, and I snowboard in the winter. pStyle has now been come an important part of my lifestyle and I just wanted to say thank you. 

PS: The bonus squeegee effect was a really awesome surprise."

"During a previous travel, after a few bad experiences, I swore I would find a way to ease my bathroom adventures. So this year, I bought a pStyle to backpack in Russia and ride the transsibirian. It was such an amazing comfort that it made me enjoy my trip more, not having to worry about facilities. I will not travel anymore without it. I enven started to use it in my everyday life, when bathrooms are not clean (public bathrooms, motoroads, train, festivals) or not available (hiking, skiing, etc)."


"This is the greatest product! No more squatting by the side of the trail when horseback riding, and having someone hold your horse while you find a "good spot"! Who wants to get poison ivy on your backside? Now I can drink as much as I need, and not try to "hold it" till we return to camp, or risk the poison ivy, bugs and stickers! A little practice, first in the shower, after a few times, it was easy!"


"I have rheumatoid arthritis and when I'm having a flare up the pstyle saves me the pain and hassle of the usual full bathroom ordeal. No more pulling down pants, bending knees, trying to tear toilet paper, and reversing the whole process when everything is painful!
On road trips I can easily go in the middle of nowhere without falling over behind a bush or needing someone to help me back up!
I think the pstyle is amazing for anyone with knee or hip issues."


"I just wanted to let you all know that I love my pStyle and have shared pictures on my FB page to see who knew what it was... I am the trails and volunteer coordinator for the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway so being outside and active is a huge part of my job. I was tired of getting mosquito and chigger bites all over my butt so when I went to the Mother Earth conference in NC last year and found this device... I was hesitant but excited to try it out... Well, I've got to say that I love it and carry it on my key chain with my work keys. I work with all guys and they still cant get over me standing to pee... I guess its just watching a woman pee standing up... I love the commercial where the man wakes up to see his lady standing over the toilet to pee and freaks out. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am so happy that I met you all and I use it almost daily out in the woods :) ... Take Care!"


"As a rope access technician, I was at a loss with how to manage going and hanging from a rope all day. Online reviews recommended this funnel as the best for climbing harnesses. They couldn't have been more right!"


"I have been using your product for 3 years now. Great when fishing with my husband in his boat, if you pull over on a country road, or in a nasty bathroom. Here in California we are in a 4 year drout , on my country home I use it outside to save flushing the toilet. I keep one in my bathroom to save toilet paper. I'm 59 and when I have to go I can hardly get my pants down in time and the pStyle saves me from wetting my pants . I love this product and have given away over 20 to my friends and family."


"I have been using the P-Style for some years now and am a big fan and promotor of it. However, every now and then I try to find another urinating device that works just as good but is a little bit smaller i.e. can be carried in a pocket for example. 
So after having tried the GoGirl and the Shewee earlier, this time I tried the Pibella. To make a long story short, the P-Style remains the absolute winner! 
It is reliable, can be positioned easily without even looking down at what you're doing and can be cleaned easily and effectively. 
I can recommend this product highly!"


"I purchased the pStyle as I was planning on attending my second off-roading weekend (Jeep Jamboree), i have recently increased my water intake and did not want to have to worry about it while on the off road courses. I received the product a week before my outing and began practicing as recommended. We spent 9 hours a day on the trails and trust me, the pStyle got plenty of use. What an amazing product. Every time I got back in the Jeep I said "best investment we made for this trip"! I talked to many ladies over the course of the weekend who did not drink anything all day so they would not have to go to the bathroom in the woods. They were dealing with caffiene withdrawal, being uncomfortable (from having to "go") and, I am sure, the beginnings of dehydration. Thank you so much!"


"Love the pStyle, I bought it for when I go on a trail ride with my horse. Haven't been on a trail ride yet but had an emergency the other night at the storage shed. Glad I had my handy little friend with me!"


"Just wanted to say, thank you for this awesome device that I initially thought was a joke when my mom sent me the link. I have severe multiple chemical sensitivity and cannot go in public bathrooms because the air fresheners pretty much shut down my nervous system. pStyle made a 22 hour road trip possible :)"


"This is the best thing since sliced bread. I bought one for taking with me on bike rides and I have found it very useful. I wish this product had been around years ago. No need to find a quiet wooded spot (and a place to lean the bike), just a quiet road where I can lean the bike against me, use the pStyle and be done, with the same ease and quickness as a man. I carry mine in a plastic bag within a black cinch top bag, and stash it in a jersey pocket to be discreet.

I have recommended the pStyle to all the women in the cycling clubs I belong to, and I plan to buy some as gifts for some of my cycling girlfriends this year."


"I am so happy I bought this thing. I hesitated a lot, but knowing I was going on a road trip and then camping, I figured I'd risk it and OMG WORTH IT.

First, on the road trip there was a part of New Mexico where there was literally NOTHING for MILES. I held my pee for a solid couple of hours and then we finally found a gas station at 3am and I was so excited to pee! ...but the toilets were locked and the next gas station was who knows where.

I panicked, but went behind the building where it was dark and figured this was a good a time as ever to test out the device.

I was in heaven. I had a full bladder, was desperate to pee, so I unzipped my pants, pushed my underwear to the side, fit the cup like instructed, and when I let go there was no spillage, no leaks, no overflow, just pure release! lol It sounds hilarious but it saved me from going in my pants. It didn't even leak a little! Just do keep in mind which way the wind is going...

The second time I was super excited was when I went to an outdoor Halloween music festival and I was wearing a costume with both leggings and a leotard on top. You know how impossible it would be to pee with that, I'd have to literally take off the entire outfit. AND it was porta-potties only. Instead, I pushed the leotard to the side, pulled the leggings down a little bit enough to squeeze the P-Style through the gap and used it like normal. I was in and out of that porta-potty faster than some guys were.

It's seriously a life-saver. If you have any doubts, just do it, because you've probably spent more on a cocktail before and that lasted 10 minutes whereas this thing is the coolest ever and you can use in any pinch."


"This device is a saving grace on bike trails! especially ones without any porta pottys. no leaks, no dribbling down the leg, NO need for Toilet Paper! Easy Peezy! Fantastic product. Thank you!!"


"A friend bought me a pStyle years ago as a joke and I never thought to use it. Now, on a crosscountry rock climbing trip, living out of a minivan, the pStyle is my new best friend. Whether surrounded by a bunch of guys in the middle of the woods or waking up in the middle of a cold rainy night, when nature calls, the pStyle turns a potentially stressful situation into a quick, easy, and - dare I say - fun experience! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could pee my name in the snow, but pStyle has made my dreams come true!!!


"I heard about this from a friend I do a lot of backpacking with. We were both curious to learn more. I bought one for a 22 river trip with 2 women and 15 men. Not a lot of privacy, I was thrilled with the design, ease of use and how much it stayed clean with not much effort. I am buying another for a friend so jazzed about it."


"I just wanted to say thank you! I love my new pStyle. I'm just back from a week of canoeing in the north woods, and I so appreciated not having to expose my bum to the mosquitoes to pee. And the results were much drier than the usual squatting and shaking method. I expect that it will be great next winter while cross country skiing as well. What a great product!"


"Just received it today and went hiking. I absolutely LOVE it. I drink coffee so it does have a diuretic effect, and being a bit older I have to go more often. Instead of dreading my stops, I actually looked forward to them.
This has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. Wish we had gotten acquainted years ago!"


"I use my pStyle with my drysuit relief zipper while whitewater rafting! I have tried a lot of similar products and this is the only one that works for me. Now I can stay hydrated on the river without having to take my drysuit off multiple times a day. Thanks for making my adventures more enjoyable!"


"I just wanted to let you know I like your product! I practiced at home and now I always use it in public bathrooms. No more dirty toilets for me. I have always been really shy about pulling my pants down in the public bathroom, this product gives me the modesty I need!

The only thing is, I am very discrete when I use it. I only wish our society was open about women peeing standing up. It seems our society defines you as less of a woman if you stand up. Parents teach their daughters, boy stand up, girls sit down, even if girls are good at it. Its weird, its like its a taboo.

I like your product!! Thank you, for making pStyle, you are giving us freedom everywhere."


"I am handicapped with a degenerative muscle disease and am no longer able to rise from most chairs, toilets, etc., because of increasing weakness. Handicapped toilets are a joke. Most are not much higher than a regular one and adding a bar on the wall does little or no good. I have been in several scary situations where I wasn't able to stand...in the supermarket, two doctor's offices, a physical therapy office, and the library...each time using the handicapped toilet.

My granddaughter is a runner and when I told her about the problem, she knew about FUDs, did her research, and gave me a pStyle. It works beautifully! I use it easily and it's not reserved for travel. I use it at home most of the time, rather than sitting because even though I have a handicapped toilet, it's so much easier with my pStyle. I bless you and my very smart granddaughter for making my life so much easier."


"Hi - I just buy pStyle for my girlfriend because every time we go out she was using a plastic cup.
When i give she look at me weird and I tell her just try. After 2 or 3 times she use she kiss me and says -Thanks I love it."


"Thanks to the pStyle, I was able to spend the entire day in a treestand bowhunting. I could focus on enjoying the experience, not trying to convince myself that I could "hold it" just 5 more minutes before getting out of the tree to answer nature. Easy to use, even with many layers of thick clothes."


"Ever since I knew males could pee standing up and didn't have to wipe I've been jealous. Now I don't have to be! The pStyle is so liberating!"


"I am on an 8 month road trip rock-climbing my way around the US, and the pStyle has saved my life! Every time I see a girl have to go deep into the woods to find flat ground to squat on, I giggle inside, because I know if she had a pStyle she could just pee where all the boys pee WITH her climbing harness on. Now THAT is a luxury! The pStyle has been amazingly easy to use, stays clean and not smelly, and it the best little gadget I've ever bought, hands down."


"I have used it for almost a year, and I love it. Love it. I also give it to expectant mothers, who will be babywearing, because then they can actually go pee without disturbing the baby on their back."


"I have a pStyle and I live on a permaculture farm in Nicaragua. I LOVE this thing and recommend it to everyone who comes to visit! Seriously, such a lifesaver, plus now I can just pee among the trees and return some nitrogen to the soil!"


"When I am packing for a trip, pStyle is the first thing I grab. I initially bought it for camping trips but have found so many other locations where it can be used. I take it with me on airplanes since it works great in the tight and unsanitary lavatories. I keep one in my SUV. No more trying to keep your balance over a filthy gas station toilet. I recommend it to all my lady friends. "


"I bought a pstyle for myself to use when camping. I have not even used it yet however it was in my purse when I took my 3 year old to a festival and she and I went for her to use her first port o let. She was highly offended by the idea I might ask her to sit on that "disgusting toilet" I whipped out my pStyle and she happily used the urinal. I now keep it in my car and if the possibility of urinals and my baby collide I drop it in my purse. Thanks!"


"I have used The DivaCup since 2004 and LOVE it! and I have been using the pStyle for a 2 years or so and it is the best. I go cross country skiing and to squat in many feet of snow with lots of layers on is next to impossible. The pStyle allows me to pee with out removing clothing while skiing, hiking and kayaking. Whew what a relief! Every woman should own both. "


"I used the pStyle on a 2-week river trip. It was fabulous! All the other women had pStyle envy when they were finding hidden spots to squat in the water while I just turned my back and went. Another woman had a competitor's product and she still couldn't use it standing."


"I'm a trans man who's had a bit of trouble finding the "right" STP device - shaking hands are more of a hazard than a bonus. A couple of friends recommended trying out pStyle, so, recently, when I saw your product in a local shop, I picked it up.

That night, I ended up at a concert venue where the bathrooms were such that I figured trying out my new pStyle certainly wasn't going to make things worse. Immediate success! I can't imagine not having this in my life now.

Thank you for making such an amazing product and keeping it at such a great price. I'm probably going to buy a back up or two in other colors, just in case - at this price, I don't want to be caught without it."


"I love my p-style! I took it to the Environmental Learning Center in Costa Costa Rica where I've been living and it was so useful that we bought 10 more for other female volunteers. Even my friend's 3 year old daughter uses one and says that now she can pee like Daddy!"


"I am really loving the pStyle, and find myself using it more often than not if I just have to pee. It's so much fun, liberating, less wasteful, and it makes things easier for me. I have a physical disability, and I wear leg braces in order to walk/stand. Sometimes the energy I expend on sitting down and getting back up makes me less than efficient, including in the bathroom. Now, if I just have to pee, I can easily unzip and stand to do it and be outta there in no time. I did have a few accidents (at home, thankfully!), but I've finally mastered the positioning. I'm having a blast standing up and peeing and I'll often announce it to my boyfriend when I come out of bathrooms, even in public."


"The pStyle is one of the most awesome things I have ever purchased. When I emptied my bladder and it was down to a trickle, it still didn't dribble onto me. I did some Keagles, made sure I got as much out as I could and wiped like the instructions say. I was expecting it to scratch or hurt, but it didn't at all. I wiped with a tissue to see how much moisture was left. There wasn't much, so this device really does eliminate the need to wipe if you don't want to.

This is made of smooth, hard plastic so even if you squeeze hard, it won't collapse and cause spillage. There are no creases or anything weird to cause the pee to get trapped, the plastic isn't porous. It's exceptionally easy to clean and relatively small.  No matter how much pee you are releasing, it won't overflow. This was very important to me.
I've used the pStyle a few times since then, aiming for the toilet bowl and keeping my clothing on. No pee dribbles anywhere. A+, 5 Stars. This thing is awesome. I recommend it highly."


"The pstyle I got from you over a year ago is still working wonderfully and I recommend it to every transguy I meet. It is so freeing to be able to pee standing up, especially the first time I got to use a urinal! I was in high school when I got mine. I came home from school to the package and I started drinking everything I could find so I would be able to use it. It wasn't exactly a smooth transition in using it, but the first time I did it outside of the shower and wearing pants I bragged to everyone I knew. It made me feel like such a man. I know standing to pee doesn't make a man, but it made me feel so incredible to have that choice. . I want to thank you so much for offering the stp and the case. It is really making people happy and helping transguys feel manly and proud. You are incredible."


"I am still getting the hang of it, but I wish I had found this last year when I was pregnant!!!!! I was a photo intern at a local newspaper and did A LOT of running around. It wasn't bad in the beginning, but at 8 months pregnant I would have to stop at almost every restroom I saw along the way to the next shoot. Let me tell you first hand... the bathrooms in the NYC train stations are GROSS!!!! I really wish I had known about this then! There are a few local parks by me that have pretty nasty bathrooms and now that my daughter is almost 1 I am looking forward to brining her and not worrying about where I'm going to have to pee! Thank you for such an awesome product!!!! I have already told a few friends about it. You should sell them at Babies R Us!"


"Received my pStyle yesterday and tried it this morning, terrified that I was going to urinate down the inside of my thigh and right into my slipper. Guess what? I didn't. Worked perfectly the first time. As someone who travels cross country for a living, this is sure going to beat having to find the perfect sagebrush to squat behind. Am recommending the pStyle to all of my female friends!"


"OH MY GOD. I just mastered the pStyle. I didn't even have to unzip my girly shorts, it was easier just to stick it up the shorts leg. I never want to go back to peeing sitting down!!! AUGH thank youuuu!  with discretion and almost as much convenience as the boys! 

Since acquiring the pStyle, I have found it to be useful in many situations, other than in the woods.  I participate in master's track and field events, many of which are equipped with portable toilets.  With the pStyle I no longer have to sit on unpleasant toilet seats at track meets - or anywhere else!
The pStyle is a wonderful discovery.  I plan to give them as gifts - to active young women who will love the freedom to go where there are no toliets available; to mature women who are finding it increasingly difficult or impossible to "hover" over unsanitary public toilets; to little girls who will be able to take care of their needs away from home as easily as their brothers.
I love my pStyle!"


"I love the Pstyle! It worked the first time I tried it and have given the rest of my friends pstyle-envy. My official review is here: http://fiveyear.blogspot.com/2011/03/pee-rific.html "


"Hi Krista,  Back from my holidays for a week now - it all seems so far ago!  Funny how holidays just fly past.

Anyway, I can report that the pStyle is just wonderful!  Loved it!
Both my friend and I used it even at the 'long drop toilets' (which sometimes are a little less than desirable) as well as in the wilderness. Really handy when there are no trees/large rocks/etc to hide behind.  Even when there is enough cover, I was still using it.  The third lady on the trek (which included six men) wanted one too so I gave her your name.  She was convinced that the pStyle was the best thing since sliced bread!  So, I have some converts for you."


 "Just wanted to let you know that I am recovering from major surgery (proctocolectomy with ileostomy), that includes a large incision that makes it very difficult for me to sit. I ordered the pStyle, and it's been a huge help. You might think about sending some samples to the ostomy nurses or medical companies that supply ostomates (Edgepark is a big one). I just showed it to the visiting nurse, and she'd never heard of such a thing, but liked the idea.

It seems like your pitch is more aimed at the super healthy, but there's a lot of need out there on the other end (and maybe some day I can use mine for camping or concerts or something, that'd be nice)."



"I've been a serious hiker/backpacker for about 3 years now, and have just started training for a marathon and peeing in the woods has not been my idea of fun. For some reason I pee crooked, if I squat straight, the pee goes down my leg. Trying to find the proper position to not have pee go down my leg has been a big problem and creates lots of anxiety when it's time to go. I got the pStyle about a week ago and after practcing in my bathroom, took it on my hike last Saturday. Oh my gosh - what a big and wonderful difference. No more wet pant legs, no more trying to hold it cuz I just didn't want to go through the hassle. Thank you Krista! I am so happy I'm ordering 4 more to give to my friends and to have one for my pack and one for my car!

-Sue, CA

"Love, Love, Love the pStyle. Received in the mail just in time for a backpacking trip in southern MS. Used it that night after we arrived and had set up camp. Walked up to a tree behind the truck and went to it. It was so easy and worked GREAT! May be the best piece of backpacking gear I own."

-Stacey, MS

"Thank you for the pStyle! My 4 year old daughter and myself absolutely love it! We both got our own! It's so much easier and fun to pee when you're out in the woods. Especially if it's cold!
Enjoy watching my short video about the pStyle:
Greetings from Switzerland
Franziska | www.afriska.ch 

"With our kayaks in the truck, we pulled into a tight little area by the water that would accommodate only four or five vehicles.  A sport fisherman who had just put his boat in the water was in no hurry to leave. So I opened my front passenger door for privacy, stepped around it toward the front of the truck, and used the pStyle.  Twenty seconds later we put the kayaks in the water.

The pStyle is also great for hiking.  Use it, shake it off, wipe it with a WetOnes, and put it back in the fannypack. 

When my first pStyle came in the mail, I felt this overwhelming sense of relief.  The anxiety was gone.  I am no longer on the constant lookout for a restroom before we go hiking or kayaking."


 "The pStyle is definitely the best pee-while-standing device I have used. I use the pStyle while back country skiing and it is so easy and quick! It makes going into the mountains with the boys a no-brainer."

-Susan, Seattle

"Love it! I just got my pStyle and tried it out in the shower. Works like a charm. My husband and I are walking the Camino de Santiago this spring and I didn't want to walk 500 miles squatting with my pants down. Hey, I'm 65. Thanks for this great product."

-Mary Jane

" Hi Krista,

I tried the pStyle as soon as I received it, in the bathroom toilet.  Didn’t even bother to practice in the shower since I’d used the freshette for a while.  The pStyle is easier to slide it, don’t have to pull shorts down, I don’t know about trying to put it up the leg of a baggy pair of shorts, haven’t had to try that yet. The freshette came in handy for that if the zipper wouldn’t go down far enough, with the longer tube I’d know I wouldn’t get any on me,  but I think all in all the pStyle is a better design.  Especially the rinsing part which will save me lots of my precious water on the desert golf course."


"Hello Krista,

You have no idea just how many many steps you have saved me from climbing. At least 100 for my place of work is a Forest Service fire lookout tower. The outhouse is naturally down on the ground. And my work tower is 40 feet high. Its so much easier to just use the pStyle over the rail then walk all the way down. Thank you so much."

-Linda, mountains of Northern CA

 "Hi Krista!

I'm actually a repeat buyer!  This time I bought one for my girlfriend as well, she kept stealing mine ;-)  I tried pretty much every stand-to-pee device out there before trying this and they either didn't work or weren't reliable.  With the pStyle, it just works well, without a big learning curve and it's easy to clean (no tubes).  Can't ask for more than that!

It also doesn't hurt that you guys are open about selling to trans people =D"


"This is the best ever for law enforcement! Finally I can have the same relief as my colleagues."

Anonymous, Oregon

"My husband got me a pStyle last winter for my birthday, finding it in a bookstore in SF.  Every time I use it, I have to grin.  There have been moments after late night parties, walking home with not a single open coffee shop, but plenty of trees.  There have been moments on the trail with no sheltering bushes, but too many friends around.  Not to mention wearing a fancy costume at a festival that I didn't want to have come in contact with portapotty siding.  Being able to write my name in the snow!  And just the fact that the damn ritual of finding a place to hide my bare ass, hover over the ground, and make sure I don't brush against something poisonous is finally banished, makes your device one of the most serious technological enhancements I've acquired thus far.  I've ordered one for my mom after she saw it and got jealous.

Thanks so much for your awesome product!"

"Holy sweet jeebus, do I love the pStyle. I used it all summer as a fire lookout in Idaho, and then for 2 weeks on a canoe trip in Canada. I gleefully told my brother as we packed out the lookout, "You have no idea how freaking awesome it is to just walk off the trail, unzip, and pee!" Of course, he responded that he knew all about how convenient it is...heh. So useful, easy to use, and rad!"

-Betsy, WA

"I can't say thank you enough! The pStyle works amazing!! Even on the first try!

Here is my story:

I was in the market for a device to help me pee while standing up for camping and concerts. I refuse to squat, or use a nasty portapottie. After tons of research and random conversations with girls friends, I decided to try Go-Girl. Boy was it allll wrong. You go alright, you go ALL OVER YOURSELF! It was the worst experience. I tried different positions, the bath tub, squatting, leaning, and I got pretty creative with it. But I still managed to pee all over the place using Go-Girl. I was so frustrated I decided to google some more. I wanted an item that was firmer then the stupid GG, but was just as compact, that was NOT paper, and that I could reuse and clean with ease.

Then I found pStyle. I researched more before purchasing pStyle, and made sure there were good reviews, videos of testimonials, etc. I purchased a cute lil case (rainbow -red) and waited for my order. The day it arrived I had to try it. I literally went straight to the bathroom, with my clothes on, and had no problem! No drips, no mess, no nothing. And I found it was easier to use with clothes on, pants completely covering my back side, and leaning slightly forward (very slightly). I was shocked. With GG you have to take your clothes semi off (down to your knees or lower) just to use it. So, I decided to use pStyle for a few days, and ONLY pee standing up using the pStyle. Time after time it worked. I can't thank you enough for this product! I can now kayak, hike, go to concerts, and camp without having to worry about a restroom. I was going to cancel my plans for camping this weekend because the place doesn't have a working bathroom. Not anymore!

You have given me a new lease on life. This city girl is now going out to see what she can do/pee on ;) lol

Thanks again!"

"My mister & I are on the road for three months and already I have used my pStyle more times than I can count. I have given them as birthday, Christmas & wedding gifts. LURVe my pstyle!"

-Jessica, San Luis Obispo


"Dear Krista's Cups,

I got a pStyle for my birthday from my partner today. I am AMAZED. I have OFTEN wondered what contraption I could come up with to help me take a comfortable and less obvious pee outside as we hike with our dogs a lot. I have tried a few improvised methods and failed. I tried my new pStyle today on our usual daily hike and it was so easy and simple, and paper free! I love love love it! Pure genius and I am recommending it to all my lady friends and to all my male friends who have lady friends!"


"I was given a pStyle for my birthday and I LOVE IT! I use it at every music festival for those very scary afternoon toilets. It went everywhere with me in Italy, which has some very dodgy holes in the the ground. I love it. I'm buying one for my car. " 

-Jen, New Mexico

“Krista, my friends and I ride horses about 4 to 5 days a week and don’t know what we did before we discovered the pStyle. In fact, one of my friends has gotten so good at it that she literally stands beside her horse’s shoulder, while in a group, and pees. What a hoot she is and you never see a thing. What a great invention. Thank you again.”

“pStyle for the over 60 set! I had a total hip joint replacement and there is a 90 degree rule during rehab which means you can’t sit on regular public toilet seats as they are too low. The pStyle saved me!”
-Georgia, Vermont

“I garden, and the pStlye is a treasure! Not only can I stay outside, I can help the compost bin along! Go, Krista!”
-Ann, Texas

“As a long-time user of women’s stand-up urination systems (Freshette, Lady J) I can fully endorse the P Style. I just got one from my husband and love it. All women should use a P Style for safe, sanitary, fast bathroom breaks on the road, camping, etc. It’s an issue of equality!!!”
-Gabrielle, South Dakota

“We live in New York City but spend many weekends at our property in Vermont where we’re outside much of the time. I purchased the pStyle for use there. Even though the neighbors are far away, having to disrobe every time I want to answer nature’s call outside is inconvenient and cold in the winter! I was planning to break it in this weekend but got a jump start when, after being stuck in traffic on the way out of the city, my husband and I both found ourselves absolutely bursting to pee. We pulled off the road where we could and I pulled my pStyle out, having never even practiced. I was prepared for drips and leaks, but it worked like a charm! Right through the fly of my low cut jeans without a drip! My husband thought it was hysterical and calls it my pee shooter. Thank you Krista’s Cups.

p.s. Having “broken the seal”, I got to use it twice more before we arrived at our destination. Still no problems. Every woman should have one of these! Men, get them for the women in your life!"

“I love the pStyle. I use it on my way to work and when I just can’t make it to a proper restroom when we go out! The pStyle makes me feel like “one of the pack”

“I just don’t have enough good things to say about my pStyle. I used it when I worked at McMurdo Station, Antarctica when disrobing out in the elements was just not an option. The pStyle is also convenient for traveling. I’ve used it everywhere from the top of Mt. Sinai, Egypt to Hawaii. It’s also great for European bathrooms – often they are not big enough to turn around in while wearing a backpack. With the pStyle there’s no need to take off the backpack and put it on the dirty floor of public restrooms. Definitely liberating and certainly a paradigm shift.”

“I am so happy with the pStyle I just received from you. Standing up to pee will be very freeing for me – I do a lot of hiking and cross country skiing. I practiced at home as soon as I got it and I am so relieved to know that I never have to sit on an outhouse seat again, never have to sit on a public toilet seat EVER!! Standing while peeing has a totally different feeling; I’m happy to have heard about this unique “tool”."

“I used the pStyle when walking home from a bar the other night. I just whipped it out of my purse and did my business behind a tree. No one even noticed!”
-Caity, Illinois

“So I use mine at work all the time. I’m a cop and getting my gunbelt on and off everytime takes forever. So if someone calls for help, YOU’RE helping them because now I can zip and run out!”
-hugs from a happy cop

“I adore the pStyle! I tell everyone I know about it, in person and through blogging. The way it eliminates drips, is super user-friendly, is so portable, and is wonderful for the environment; I can’t stop singing its praises! Thanks so much!”
-Sassybritches, Illinois

“Well, here I am again, buying my third pStyle! I bought one for myself, and last year for my sister who goes to outdoor music festivals. Just last month I took my daughter in law on a camping trip and she tried mine. She was immediately hooked and has asked for one for her birthday! Another happy pStyle user!”
-Jamie, Georgia

“Hi Krista, I discovered the pStyle 2 years ago. One word: Freedom. I love not having to search for that comfortable, hidden spot in the woods. Last year I started playing disc golf and have found this to be one of the most essential items in my bag.”

“The pStyle came yesterday. It is so awesome! I dress in period garb as an 18th century sea captain… ;-) This will make my trips to the facilities MUCH easier. And I can think of many other places besides. I’ve been telling my costuming friends about it…
Take care!”

“I just want you to know that the pStyle is just about the greatest thing a girl could have! I call it the “equalizer”, because now I have the same freedom that the guys do! I spend a lot of time outside, in the woods and on trails, and the pStyle really has made my life easier. It works absolutely perfectly, and is so easy and discreet! Some years ago I had purchased one of those ones called a “Lady J” (I think), but that thing just didn’t work for me…I couldn’t use it without getting all wet. The pStyle is shaped just right, is the right size, just the greatest! Thanks so much for making the pStyle available for us!"
- Kat

“I am OVERJOYED with my new pStyle! No drips on the very first trial! This is one cyclist who will never have to squat at the side of the road again. I’ll be telling lots of friends about it. "
– Mary, Illinois

“My husband and I are very active people and I have always hated having to get half way undressed just to go to the bathroom. Well not anymore!! I got one of these last fall and have loved it ever since. This last winter it was great snowmobiling, no more cold butt. In fact I am about to order 2 more so I have one in each of our vehicles. I went for a drive last weekend and I forgot to take it with me man was I ticked. When I don’t have my original one in the backpack I keep it in the bathroom, less TP waste. Boy has the TP use been cut down with that one. All I can say is I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.”
– Lisa, Oregon

“I have used this exactly once—about an hour ago. I’ve tried to find a product that would do this and have tried several versions, but I gotta say this is the very first time I’ve ever had it work. And wow, did it work! A cinch to use, and NO MESS. Easy to clean. I am still kind of in shock that it works so well, after my experience with the others. I should add that I tried it with an extremely full bladder and didn’t think it would work without my creating a big mess, but to my astonishment, all went extremely well. I’m now drinking water so that I can try it again soon. Thank you.”
– DR

“This thing ROCKS!Awesome for parks, backpacking, kayaking, or even for long car rides ;) I’m so glad I found the pStyle, and I am getting one for all my friends! "
– J

“I bought my first p-style 2 years ago from a local girl who placed a bulk order and it was my best friend through a cross country bike tour, living outdoors while working on a farm, and just reveling in peeing outside in general. I finally lost it so now while replacing it I’m hoping to convince five more women how indispensable it is! "
– Laura

“Thank you for the quick mailing of the pStyle. I wish I had one of these years ago when I did craft shows and re-enactments. I am now in my fifties and partialy paralyzed from an auto accident, This will sure make life a little easier, Thank you. "
– Brenda

“I’ve been meaning to write you this week to tell you how much I loved that little contraption. I’ve camped and backpacked all of my life, and there aren’t posh cabins or developed campsites with restrooms in the places we like to camp. I love being away from it all, but the downside is that, as a girl, it’s much more difficult to “use the ladies’ room,” starting with the fact that you have to fully drop your drawers, then squat and attempt to “aim” away from your clothing and shoes. Ugh. I wish I had known about pStyle sooner. It was incredibly easy to use, even the first time. And during cold desert nights, it was so great to keep my pants up when I had to go! I will never camp without one again. Thanks!"
– April

“I live not only rurally but rustically with a flush outhouse. We truck in water, so we use the outhouse only for the solid jobs! I have severe arthritis in my hips and the last few years have been very difficult to squat. I LOVE MY PSTYLE! I go nowhere without it!! I haven’t been able to talk my step daughters and daughter in law into using one, but I will…”
– Leigh

“Krista~ Such a wonderful product! Worked with zero leaks the very first time. I was a little scared by the whole idea at first, but now I absolutely love it! I ordered one for each of my sisters, my aunt and my best friend. I am trying to think of anyone else I can order one of these for! It’s going to replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend! :) "
– Anne

“Hello ! I bought your pStyle about a week ago. I must tell you that it worked perfectly fine the first time, which is amazing really ! And the delivery was ultra-fast ! I got it about a week after I had ordered it, which is amazing considering I live in Paris, France. I expected getting it some 3 weeks after… Anyway, thanks, you’re amazing :) "
– Charles

“I’m thinking of beginning to train for a major bike trip, and I plan to pack the PStyle with me. :) My friends really loved the PStyle, and a lot of us used it daily – just out and about so that we didn’t have to stop if riding our bikes or out generally running around.I’ve been sharing about my pStyle experiences with all of my friends, especially those whose thoughts on the strictness of the gender binary make it hard for them to understand anyone stepping out (even for convenience, fun, etc!). I think sharing with them is helping them to see that a girl peeing standing up is not a threat on their own gender identity, and the fact that I’m fine with their giggles and questions makes me a safe person for them to ask other questions around gender and trans issues. High Five! "
– Janie

“Dear Krista, I want to thank you for introducing the pStyle to the U.S. Being an avid outdoorswoman, the pStyle made my hunting and camping experiences sooooo much nicer. Not having to half undress to pee made peeing so easy. Now it’s even more important to me. August 14th 2008 I had my left leg amputated mid calf. With me being a very large gal bed pans were out of the question, but getting up to try to get on a bed side potty was so hard that at times I thought about just peeing the bed and letting the nurses deal with changing me and the bed. I then discovered that I could get to the edge of the bed and use a man urinal. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the hospital because I often miss the urinal and spilled some pee on the floor. The pStyle was one of the first things I thought of when I got home. My goodness what a difference it make to not have to get up out of bed or go to all the work it takes to get on the bedside potty just to pee. I can sit on the edge of the bed or scoot to the edge of my wheel chair to use the pStyle in a urinal. I use baby wipes to finish wiping myself and to wipe out the pStyle and it’s ready for my next use. Public restrooms are no longer a problem because I can just roll up to the toilet and pee no matter what I’m wearing. I just wanted you to know that with all of the challenges I now have to face being an amputee, peeing is not on that list. Thank you so much. "
– Elijah Sue

“I happen to have a pretty serious chronic illness that causes neuromuscular problems… At the risk of TMI, I think your product could be very useful for people with problems like that who sometimes have trouble sitting down and getting up from the toilet, and who may have sudden urges to use the bathroom but are not near a toilet, etc… Thanks for everything”
– Molly

“I have 5 different types of this device (pStyle) and I like this one the best! You said in a message to me that the pStyle would work and it certainly does! I am a commuter bus driver and the restrooms are less than clean. Our coaches should but no longer do have lav facilities, so this has become a necessity. Thanks for a very liberating product! "
– Christine

“I am traveling in Southeast Asia, and the pStyle is my most prized possession right now! Don’t leave North America without it! "
– Candice

“hi ya !! my friend bought me one at Michigan Women`s Festival this year and it is amazing !! So easy !! So convenient !!So good !! Thanks ! "
– Orla

“I recently was introduced to the pStyle while camping with a friend. She had just bought it and we thought we would try it out! It worked like a dream, so much so that we were standing right out in the open shouting to people as they walked by “I’m peeing standing up!!” It was awesome! "
– Adriane

“I took my pStyle on an 8-day river trip where we had to pee in the river to avoid attracting animals to the campsites. While all the other women had to squat in the cold water, I was able to stand on the edge of the boat and take care of business. Now all the girls want one! "
– Wendy

“Dear Krista, My pStyle (ordered for me by my daughter Inger) arrived safely to our cottage in the mountains in East Norway and I must thank you for this marvelous invention! For the last ten years my arthritic knees have been impossible to bend enough for sitting down in a pee position. Walking in the mountains and the forest, just hiking or picking wild berries, is no problem. But when people like me have to pee we have to find a fallen tree or a suitable rock to squat against. Often very uncomfortable, not in the least discreet, and such places are not always easy to find! Now all these problems are solved. The pStyle worked fine from the first time I tried – a new outdoor life! Thank you again! I am convinced that you have a large international market among elderly people who have knee problems. "
– Tone, Norway

“I recently ordered one of your pStyles and am absolutely in love with it! You would not believe how many times I have stumbled around my campsite in the dark, looking for a discrete place to go pee, only to pee on my feet or loose my balance and fall on my ass in a puddle! My boyfriend thought it was hilarious to stand side by side with me and pee off of the cliff beside our tent ha-ha!.I am going to the races in a few weeks, and will be relieved to not have to sit or squat over the seat of the porta pottie that everyone has peed or puked on! Also I will take it deep sea fishing this summer. You have no idea how scary it is to have to jump into the ocean to go pee when you’re out fishing in a boat that has no toilet.Your product may prevent me from being shark bait! What a great product! I wish I had found it a long time ago! "
– Jamie

“At first it was hard to pee standing, but when I did it was awesome. My husband thinks it’s the coolest thing. Now I don’t go anywhere without it and if I do I hate it.thanx again. "
– Kristina

“Just came back from AMJAM where I bought the pStyle! And I loved it! Can’t wait to go camping and use it again. I might even use it at home just because! "
– Lacey

“Just letting you know that I received the pStyle today and.. wow. Am I impressed. It was very simple to use, got the hang of it on my first try and now I can’t imagine how I was dealing with public restrooms before. The idea to purchase it came up after long trips I would take during the winter. You have to wear so many layers of clothing in order to keep warm and it’s a hassle to undo the bottom part just to use the bathroom and replace it once you’re finished. If only there were a simpler method, I thought. Well, there is and you can trust me to spread the word about the pStyle as well as order again from you guys soon. Thanks a lot for everything. "
– Sabrina

“My wife LOVES it, and she grins from ear to ear when she can ‘pee just like a guy’. Great product, works just as advertised, and you can bet we’ll recommend it to all the women we know who have a need to pee standing up. Thanks again. "
– Ronald

" I got my pStyle Monday the 25th, and can I tell you… it’s amazing! I love it. I use it at work, when I’m out shopping or at the movies, even at home sometimes. I love it. every time I use it at home, I bust it out and say, I’m going to use my pStyle now, and my girlfriend just smiles. "
– Lacey

“This has been such a great tool for me! I love camping but am sorta a girly girl and hate squatting to pee!!!! but now I have found the solution to my problem!!! "
– Casey

“Having never before considered such things as ‘standing-urination devices’ and a proficient squatter — I tried the pStyle and was thrilled. Not only is it a fun little adventure, but you can pee off a porch, and you can pee much less conspicuously in semi-public places. Think of all the energy we’d save if we pee’d more on the planet and less in the sewage treatment plant. "
– Severine

“This is a good thing to have because it helps me pee without squatting. It is so easy to use when I’m camping or anywhere that does not have a bathroom. "
– Kim

“I saw the pStyle at a bookstore in Gainesville. I examined it for several minutes, but determined it wasn’t for me. Over the next three months, I had several experiences that reminded me of the pStyle. “If only I had a pStyle… I wouldn’t have this problem right now.” I have always just accepted not being able to pee standing up – never giving it much thought. On my most recent trip to Gainesville – one of the first things I did was go to that book store and buy one. It is fantastic. I can’t believe I was so close-minded before. "
– Rachel

“My girlfriend and I each bought a pStyle after Krista did a public demonstration at NCOR. I was automatically sold! We use them all the time. It is such a pleasure to be able to avoid nasty public bathrooms and the dreaded squatting in the woods. Plus I love shocking people when they try to figure out how I am "doing it!" I tragically dropped my pStyle down a port-a-potty while on a trip in Alaska and have missed it immensely. My girlfriend is always getting angry at me for borrowing hers! I finally ordered a new one and am so excited to starting peeing all over the place once again. Thank you Krista. Keep on sharing the love.”
– Amie

“Great! Convenient! Easy to use! Thank you from all the women of the world who no longer have to hover!!!! "
– Erica

“I received my pStyle in the post yesterday. Firstly, I was impressed by the speed of service, I received mine five days after I placed my order, which is pretty impressive as I live in the UK. Being an FTM, I have tried a few of these types of product. With very limited success. None of them seemed to work well with my body. However after visiting your site and seeing the design and the testimonials I decided to place an order. I tried it yesterday and it worked perfectly first time! and it has worked perfectly every other time since as well. I’m so pleased with it, no drips or anything, and works easily through the fly of trousers. Thanks for such a great product. I’ll be recommending and ordering another one soon! x”
– Dominic, U.K.

“hey Krista- I found my pStyle extremely useful this past spring when I had trouble with very painful knees. (I ordered around April 14, i think, and received really fast, around 17th or 18th.) WOW. A belated yet still sincere THANK YOU for such prompt delivery. I wish you success and prosperity as you continue promoting such a unique and practical product. "
– Lisa

“Don’t have a photo yet but my testimonial is that I can now pee while still wearing my rock climbing harness (as long as I have zippered pants, not elastic waistband) I have used the pStyle on a multipitch route (Third Flatiron, middle face, CO) while on second as well as day cragging. Never have to expose myself OR untie or unbuckle my harness. I love it. "
– Mandy, TN

" Krista, I got my pStyle yesterday, I rushed upstairs to give it a try. I was amazed, no leaks, no mess and nothing to master or practice. It was awesome. I have tried many of the devices created for this purpose both manufactured and do it yourself and this is the only one that I was able to use on the first try, the rest I became frustrated with and gave up on. Now I just need to figure out how to conceal it after use so I can use a urinal. Thanks for selling this, I’ll be getting the word out. With much gratitude "
– Ash

“Hi Krista, I ordered my pStyle last April. It is wonderful! I can stand at the urinals, and don’t have to wait for the only stall with a door anymore. OH, I forgot to tell you I am a ftm transsexual guy. I made a pocket on the inside of all my boxer shorts to wear the pStyle. It took a little getting use to quickly putting my pStyle away while standing at the urinal, but after a while, it became second nature. I used another brand of stand to pee device, but I sometimes had overflowing with that one, and got my jeans wet, but I don’t have that problem now. I think it is because it is not an enclosed design, and is open on top. It works like a charm! I’m looking forward to writing my name in the snow this winter. "
– Jules

“Hey Krista, The pStyle worked great! I tried it at home first & once I got the hang of it had a trial run. We hiked Mt. Arab (in New York State) yesterday & I didn’t even pee on myself :-) The only thing I had to do was remember to RELAX. Because we’ve been trained to go sitting or squatting, it’s a hard habit to break. Thanks for having this available. I only wish I’d had it as a teenager. I bought one for my daughter, but haven’t heard about her experience with it yet. However, she was excited to get it. "
– Kimberley

“I went to Bonnaroo for the first time this summer, and en route to the festival grounds, I happened upon a stand selling the pStyle. After already experiencing a horrific porta-potty, I figured I might as well try the device; the price was reasonable and it was small enough to fit in my slim Camelbak. Boy was the pStyle a lifesaver! My time in the porta-potties was cut in half, and late-night urges were able to be cared for as easy as the boys – they went behind the truck at the campsite to urinate in a gallon jug… well now I could too! No need to search for my glasses and make the two-block walk to the facilities in the dark. I cannot wait for our next camping trip! I got the pink pStyle, and I love how it is so inconspicuous in a bag. If I didn’t want to take my bag with me, I could easily slip it in a pocket of cargo shorts or a sun dress with a sanitizing wipe and no one noticed. I think I will be having pStyles in all the Christmas stockings of my female relatives this holiday season! Thanks so much, and your reps at Bonnaroo outside Centeroo were so nice, helpful and fun! I am a convert! "
– Allison

“Dear Krista, It came and I conquered !!!!! On the first try !!!!!! Dry clothing. Unstressed knees. Fertilized woodpile. What else could a woman want? "
– Sarah

“I just attended the Gay Pride Festival. After waiting in a extremely long line just to get inside a bar my group of friends found ourselves needing to pee. Without a choice we needed to wait in another long line. This line was moving even slower due to the fact that there was only one stall. The boys however were moving in and out fast since their was a large trough urinal against the wall. My girlfriend, tired of waiting for the stall, zipped down her costume and proceded to use the pStyle. Every other girls in line dropped their jaw and begged to know where they could purchase one. All the ladies were extremely jealous about the convenience of being able to pee standing up. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend a pStyle to every woman!” "
– Helen, California

“I love your product, and I’ve been looking for something like it for a long time. I’m in the coast guard and for the job we do we are required to wear a lot of safety equipment including the orange suit I sent a picture of. The suits are designed for men with a convenient zipper front, but for us girls we have to completely unsuit which jeopardizes our safety and not to mention is a pain in the butt. Now I don’t have to worry about going to the restroom before we suit up or even drinking water during the mission. Thank you, you’ve made my job a lot easier. "
– May

“I just checked out the PSTYLE! The first time was interesting. But after the first go, I fell in love with the ease and no squat-or-gather-your-skirt-and-pray-for-no-drip approach. Sweet. The pStyle is nothing short of genius.”
– Adriana, Florida

“As a female to male transsexual I have to be strategic about peeing at a jobsite. For the past two years I’ve done seasonal agricultural harvests. I work in a large muddy factory yard. There are private toilets on site but they’re far away. This year, however, I most fortunately had a pStyle. It made all the difference! I could casually lean into a little alley and pee freely without heed to the passing trucks. Using the pStyle was a very important contributing factor to my relatively stress free harvest season this year. Thanks Krista!!!”
– Rick, Ohio

“I have been enjoying my pStyle very much since I got one as a present a few months ago. I am absolutely liberated by the thing, I tell you. I call it my pee wand. When I was visiting my parents recently, my mother saw it and wanted one too! So I am ordering one for her (and a few more for her friends…)”
– Stacey, Oregon

“I can’t tell you how much I love the pStyle. If I had to choose my three most used and loved possessions I would pick my bicycle, my computer, and my pStyle. I feel slightly off if I forget to bring it with me and I love the convenience of just unzipping. That’s funny, but it’s true.”
– Mackenzie, Tennessee

“Yes, I am giving pStyles to all the ladies in my life. I, myself, was introduced to your product by a friend. At first it was weird – you know – standing up, but once I did… I decided it’s the only way. I attend a lot of concerts and the bathrooms are usually nasty by the end of the night, and the women’s line is always longer than the mens! There have been many times if the men’s is empty I will use it… Now I can use a urinal! Can’t wait for all my friends to try it. Thanks so much.”
– Amy, North Carolina