Everyone depends on the trucking industry’s drivers to bring us food, fuel, construction materials, and everything else we need to live our lives. Yet, accommodations are often not made for drivers to pee when they need to, especially if drivers are female, trans, intersex, or non-binary. 

The pStyle changes the game!


Line-haul Drivers

You know your route and know when and where you can pee. But what do you do if one of your rest stops is closed or you need to pee at an unusual time? The pStyle STP device gives truck drivers greater flexibility by allowing them to pee standing up while fully clothed.

Local Drivers 

When you drive locally, you may not have access to a bathroom when unloading cargo — when you do, the restroom may not be clean. The pStyle allows for the discrete use of a urine collection bottle in the back of the truck or will enable you to keep your distance from an unsavory toilet.

Over-the-Road Drivers 

Being away from home for days and sleeping in your truck can create problems when nature calls, especially at night. Many drivers want to avoid exiting the vehicle after dark to use a rest stop. With the pStyle, the best STP device for truck drivers, you don't have to!

Construction or Mine Truck Drivers

Finding a clean facility and the time to use it can be challenging in a mine or construction site. The pStyle allows you to keep your distance when using a porta-potty or other unpleasant toilet. It also reduces the time needed to pee since you won't need to remove any clothing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my pStyle sanitary while driving a truck?

One reason the pStyle makes a great urination device for truck drivers is that it is easy to clean. The mirror finish sheds liquid with a few shakes. A clean bandanna, sanitary wipe, or water rinse works well for on-the-go  cleaning. 

It’s a good idea to clean it with soap and warm water whenever convenient. Check out our in-depth cleaning article for more details. 

What is the best way to dispose of urine collection bottles?

A problem in the trucking industry is when truckers throw urine collection bottles (or trucker bombs) on the sides of highways. You should never dispose of urine in ways that create hazardous situations for other workers.

Take collection bottles to a rest-stop toilet, lift the lid, and carefully pour the urine into the bowl. Be sure to clean the toilet seat afterward. 

If you want to do something more ecological, you can save the urine to use as fertilizer for crops. The Rich Earth Institute has a urine use guide to help you out!

Can I use the pStyle with overalls or coveralls? 

Yes, the pStyle is a fabulous STP device for truck drivers who wear overalls and coveralls. Not having to get undressed to pee is the way to go!

Unfortunately, only men's overalls are compatible with the pStyle, as women's sizes never have a functional fly.

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