Awesome Activities to Do with Your Best Friends on Galentine's Day

Awesome Activities to Do with Your Best Friends on Galentine's Day

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 19th Jan 2024

This unusual holiday originated in the television comedy show Parks & Recreation, but the idea has taken on a life of its own in the real world. Rather than focusing on romance, Galentine's Day is when we celebrate our close friendships.

This year, push back while you kick back with your friends and share some empowering gifts that are great starting points for conversation and action.


A New Twist for the Holiday

Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) famously put “Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries.” It’s a quippy line from the NBC sitcom from the 2010s, but it prefigures what’s at stake in the 2020s.

Across the world, right-wing movements are gaining and consolidating power by attacking women and LGBTQ+ people.

This unique holiday is a perfect opportunity for those of us affected by right-wing attacks to band together and stand up for our rights. 

Get Your Friends Together

When is Galentine's Day? - February 13th - this year, it’s on a Tuesday. Getting together for lunch, brunch, or afternoon tea is the perfect time to eat, relax with friends, share gifts, and take action around the issues that affect us!

Give them Empowering gifts

Gifts were a cornerstone of the TV version of Galentines. Here are a few gifts that will spark conversation and possibly change lives.

  • The pStyle

The pStyle is a handheld tool that allows a person to stand rather than sit while peeing without removing clothing. If you’re curious, check out our blog on how to use one.

Stand-to-pee devices like the pStyle might be new to your friend group, and the idea might strike you as unusual or uncomfortable. But there are more advantages to it than you might think.

With a pStyle, a woman can pee into a public toilet without sitting on the seat. A transgender man can use the urinal in a men’s bathroom. Because it requires nothing more than undoing a zipper and reveals no body parts, anyone can pee outside in many places (see our tips for peeing outside discreetly and legally).

We know from experience these are gifts for your friends that can change their lives. That may sound dramatic, but we get emails every week from enthused customers saying the pStyle STP device has done just that!

From women who work in traditionally masculine jobs that are still sexist, like construction, to people with medical conditions that make peeing challenging, and all the hikers, bikers, boaters, rock climbers, and adventurers in between — we hear from so many people who have an easier time staying hydrated because of the pStyle.

  • Menstrual Cups

For friends who menstruate, reusable silicone menstrual cups are great Galentine’s Day gifts. They are small, medical-grade silicone cups inserted into the vagina to catch menstrual flow. Many people find they are more comfortable than tampons or pads.

There are no documented cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with cups. They reduce trash and the monthly expense of menstrual products.

Using a menstrual cup is an opportunity to become more comfortable with your body. It’s not uncommon for people who menstruate to be uncomfortable with touching their vulvas. Learning to insert a menstrual cup is a practical way to familiarize yourself with your anatomy.

Share Your Experiences

If you’re looking for Galentine’s Day ideas, imagine a party where everyone can talk honestly about pStyles and menstrual cups. Take it from us — the stories and sharing will flow!

Many women have experienced shaming around menstruating or peeing; the same is true for trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming folks.

Practical tools like menstrual cups and the pStyle allow people to reflect on these experiences, share them with friends, and let go of any shame to move on to bigger and better things.

Political Engagement — With Your Friends

A Galentine's Day party is the perfect opportunity to participate in patriarchy-smashing activities with your pals.

Consider on following up the waffles and frittatas with some group action.

  • Phone Banking

If you’ve never done it, making phone calls to your State and Federal Reps is an effective way to put pressure on those we elect to serve us.

Apps like 5-Calls will tell you who your Representatives in Congress are and provide you with their numbers and a list of issues you might want to call about.

It might seem like one of the oddest Galentine's Day ideas, but phone banking with a group is helpful for many reasons. You can discuss the issues with trusted friends and hone your talking points. It’s motivating to be in a group, and once you’ve made calls, you can debrief with your pals.

  • Visit your State Capitol

If you live close enough to your state capitol, you can plan a whole outing for you and your Galentines. There may even be a brunch spot you’d love to hit before heading to the legislature.

Conveniently, most states are in session on Galentine's Day —check out this map to see if yours is.

Do your research before you go. Find out what bills are on the agenda and see if you can attend a committee meeting about one that is important to you and your pals.

If you don’t already know, find out who your representatives are and see if you can schedule an in-person meeting with one or all of them to let them know how you and your besties feel about the bills they will be voting on this session.

Have Fun and Take Charge

From unusual gifts that challenge the patriarchy to taking action for women and LGBTQ+ folks, Galentine's Day has the potential to be not only fun but empowering.

Curious about the pStyle? There’s lots more information on our website. Check out the full line of pStyles and pCases.

Use our contact page to ask us questions and let us know what you’re doing this February!