Best 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Loved Ones This Coming Season

Best 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Loved Ones This Coming Season

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 31st Oct 2023

Forget those boring end-of-year lists. Need a few spicy gift ideas? The little elves at pStyle would like to put a bug in your ear!


It’s the perfect stocking stuffer — as a matter of fact, throw in a handmade canvas pCase, too. (Check our website for all the colorful patterns.) There are a thousand and one reasons to love the pStyle — your grandma just might know one that you don’t. Surprise her!

Human-Sized Garden Tools

Do you love a gardener? Gardeners — like pStyle enthusiasts love the perfect tool for a job. Those of us who use a stand-to-pee device know that the right tool for the right task at the right time is indispensable.

The folks at Earth Tools curate only the most practical and high-quality hand tools for the garden, from shovels to broad forks to pruners, all from excellent manufacturers. Earth Tools also specializes in walk-behind tractors.

Reusable Menstrual Pads

The wonderful folks at Cozy Folk Innovations make cloth pads and liners for menstruators that are comfortable, functional, and, in their words, “beautiful/handsome/sexy/neutral/comfortable/easy.” We couldn’t agree more!

Their products are a natural complement to the pStyle. We’ve told you about the best stand-to-pee device — now you know the best reusable pads, too.

Rich Earth Urine Collector

Do you love an avid pStyle user? It’s time for them to up their game! The Rich Earth Institute works to divert urine from the wastewater stream, both to protect watersheds and to use urine as fertilizer.

Their urine collector, pee toilets, “toilet hat,” and other tools make it easy to divert your urine and use it for good. “The urine one person produces annually,” they write, “contains enough fertilizer to grow nearly a whole year’s supply of food.” With your stand-up-to-pee device, you can stand up for the environment, too.

Sex Toys!

Yes, sex toys make wonderful gifts! There’s a wider variety of toys than you might think. It means it’s possible to find thoughtful gifts for your sweetie or your whole polycule. While much of the adult industry is a real turn-off, sex-toy suppliers like She Bop and Early to Bed center women, trans people, and people of color. They’re fun, too.

Both shops have friendly, approachable staff who can help you explore your curiosities. You might find some fresh gift ideas for mom, or your daddy, or just for yourself this year.

Off-the-Wall Gifts

Let’s create a world where we can have nice things. We’ve been making pStyle for years because we know that giving it to someone who needs it can change their world. The ideas on this list might spark your imagination for this year's holiday season.

Did you know that you can buy pStyles in bulk at our website? The best gift ideas are better in bulk!

Don’t be shy! Contact us if you want to set up a holiday order or if you have any other questions.