Demystifying STP Devices: An Important Guide for Trans Men

Demystifying STP Devices: An Important Guide for Trans Men

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 22nd Dec 2023

For many transgender men, the ability to pee standing up is a big deal. It means gender euphoria daily. It’s also about comfort, confidence, and safety, especially for guys who pass in gender-segregated spaces like men’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Trans men, non-binary people, and all trans and gender-non-conforming people have been a part of our work at the pStyle since the beginning. Many other pee-related products market primarily to cis women with highly feminized branding and colors. That is not how we do it at pStyle.

The right stand-to-pee product or packer can make a substantial quality-of-life difference for the person using it. There are many different options out there. Here’s a rundown.

Packing and STPs

It’s helpful to distinguish between packers and STP devices and where they overlap. Packing means wearing something inside the underwear that’s similar in shape to a penis. Packers range from simple pieces of cloth to realistic and functional silicone prosthetics; two-in-one packers allow you to stand up to pee; three-in-ones also have a sexual function.

They are often worn for confidence and gender euphoria and can be essential to passing. There’s a broad spectrum of experience and opinion among transmasculine people about when and how to use packers. What’s right for one person might not work for everyone.

If you’re specifically looking for an STP for trans men, you have a lot of choices. Realistic, silicone penis-style packers function for stand-up peeing as well. Some use a harness to keep them in place; others use specific underwear.

Non-packing devices, or handheld models, are plastic or silicone devices carried in a separate pocket or bag and pulled out when you are ready to use them. The pStyle is in this category.

The pStyle

The pStyle is a stand-to-pee device that is simple, affordable, and easy to use. We’ve heard from many customers that it’s a great way to start standing to pee. The pStyle is priced much lower than most packers, making it an accessible tool you’ll always want to keep on hand in case you need it.

The pStyle is also very easy to clean: a simple shake after each use is usually enough. If you’re looking for an STP device you can carry daily, ease of cleaning is an important feature.

We’ve also heard from the parents of trans kids that the pStyle is a safe entry point for their kids. Some packers might feel sexualized or complex in other ways, but the pStyle is simple and functional.

It comes in an array of bright and neutral colors and five different skin tones, so there’s something for everyone.

Using STP Devices in Public

While some transmasculine people might be comfortable with sitting or squatting to pee, others find doing so dysphoric. In public, including men’s bathrooms, peeing standing up involves passing and, therefore, personal safety. It’s essential to be able to use your device confidently in public.

Practice at home

We encourage our customers to practice at home in the shower if they’re new to the pStyle. Practicing in a safe environment is a good idea for STP packers, too, since you’ll be navigating your clothes and underwear.

For those who have always sat or squatted to pee, it can be challenging to let go while standing. If your brain is preventing you from success with an STP, don’t despair. Here are some tips:

  • Drink a lot of water and give it a try when there’s no pressure on you to succeed.
  • Running some water in the faucet can help get things moving.
  • If you don’t succeed at first, congratulate yourself for a good try, stay positive, and try again later. You will get there!

Urinals and Public Places

Men’s urinals have specific considerations when using a stand-to-pee device. If you’re nervous about taking a few moments to get ready at the urinal, don’t worry - many cis men need time as well, so you won’t be outing yourself by doing so.

If there are barriers between the urinals, it is easier to use the pStyle discreetly. You can always stand up in a stall if you feel unsafe using a urinal.

One customer wrote to us about sewing a special pocket in his boxers to carry the pStyle for discreet use in public. Another method is to slip the pStyle up your shirtsleeve before you enter the bathroom.

Trans men in sports environments like locker rooms might want to use a packer, a pStyle, or some combination of different techniques, depending on the facilities and the amount of privacy any given person might desire.

The most important facet of peeing in public is to find your confidence and figure out what you’re comfortable with. Practicing in a safe environment with your chosen device will help you get there.

You may be surprised to learn that using an STP device to pee in public may be more legal than you think. We’re not kidding — see our blog post all about it! (Be safe out there, folks.)

Pants and Underwear

Choosing the right underwear can make or break your pee-device experience, especially with two-in-one packers.

There are lots of underwear options made for stand-to-pee packers. Some designs have a button fly that’s easy to maneuver; others have a built-in hole in the fabric, which helps keep the packer in place while peeing.

Handheld stand-to-pee devices like the pStyle are more maneuverable, but you’ll want to use pants and underwear with a fly or a flexible waistband that you can pull down easily.

If you’re standing to pee in public, and passing is a consideration, make sure you can navigate your clothing quickly and smoothly.

The pStyle Is for Everyone

There’s enough anxiety in this world without the extra worry of holding your pee. Too many people are trying to make it harder to pee—we want to make it easier!

Trans men, and all trans and gender-non-conforming people, are an important part of our business. Check out our website for more information about the pStyle.

Got questions about the pStyle? Drop us a line on our contact page. We love hearing all your stories, too! Let us know about your experiences with the pStyle.