Top 5 Reasons People Love to Use pStyle While Rock Climbing

Top 5 Reasons People Love to Use pStyle While Rock Climbing

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 11th Oct 2023

Rock climbing is more than exercise — it's a portal to the great outdoors. Climbing safely means strapping into a climbing harness over shorts or pants. Sooner or later, every climber will have to pee — and who wants to unbuckle all that gear?

The pStyle makes it simple and stress-free to pee on backcountry hikes, at gyms, and even anchored a thousand feet up a sheer cliff.

1. Easy to Use While Wearing a Harness.

Removing a harness to pee is a pain. It may be a minor hassle at the climbing gym, but unfastening your harness halfway up El Capitan is a risk you want to avoid.

The pStyle is a urination device that allows you to pee standing up, even when your feet are dangling in thin air. The harness can stay in place, and peeing is as straightforward as unzipping your pants. High up a big wall, you can pee stress-free—and with aim!

Outdoor climbing takes people far away from toilets. Whether hiking into the backcountry or scaling a wall in your most robust gear, the urge to pee is the last thing you want to worry about.

2. Protects Your Body From Prickly, Pokey, Itchy Things at the Bottom of Climbing Walls 

Every rock climber loves the natural world — outdoor climbing locations are among the most beautiful on earth. No one wants to squat in a thicket of poison ivy or sharp scree or use a well-earned break searching for privacy way off the trail.

A stand-to-pee device makes it possible to pee behind any convenient tree, and you can be confident that you won't scratch your butt. When cacti surround you, peeing standing up is a no-brainer. Like other rock climbing gear, the pStyle is a tool that is ideal for its purpose.

3. Encourages Hydration.

Proper hydration is a must for everyone. Like all other athletes, dehydration negatively affects the performance of climbers. At pStyle, we have heard way too many stories of people who didn't drink water because they wanted to avoid having to pee in an outdoor situation.

When peeing is simple, so is hydrating. pStyle streamlines the act of peeing, even when navigating a harness, a pair of pants, and other gear. A urination device on the belt means you don't have to think twice about having another swig of water.

4. Outdoor Climbers Need to Aim.

Okay, now we're going to get real. Climbers scaling high walls (think of a multi-hour or multi-day climb) eventually need to relieve themselves. Often, climbers work in teams, with one climber following another below. Do you see why aim is essential?

pStyle shines in this situation. Easy to use and aim, you'll still be friends with your climbing partner afterward.

5. The Climbing Gym is for Fun with Your Friends!

Indoor rock climbing is increasingly popular these days. It's an active and accessible way to spend time with friends while getting in shape (or even getting buff!). Who wants to waste that time anxiously crossing their legs?

Keeping a pStyle on hand is a no-fuss way to pee between climbs. Wear pants or shorts for the climbing wall, and keep the harness on.

We do bulk orders for friends and groups who regularly climb together.

Be Free to Climb Higher With pStyle

When your friends invite you on their next climbing expedition, you won't have to worry about how to pee.

You can even order a pStyle in a color that matches your rock climbing pants!

The pStyle is the best way to start your outdoor adventure. Visit our website to learn more, and contact us if you have any questions about how it can work for you.