5 Best Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Stand-to-Pee Device

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Stand-to-Pee Device

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 13th Jul 2023

Drinking water and peeing are near the top of the list of things a human needs to do to survive, yet our culture often makes it challenging to pee when needed. A stand-to-pee device breaks that norm by allowing the user to pee standing up while fully clothed. Anyone who hasn’t spent their whole life doing this may have a hard time imagining why it’s useful.

Here are the top reasons you should invest in one.


1. Restroom Issues

We’ve all been there. You really have to pee, but the next rest stop is 100 miles away. Here are two of the most common restroom issues where a pStyle device can help.

We’ve all been there. You really have to pee, but the next rest stop is 100 miles away. Here are two of the most common restroom issues where a pStyle device can help.

  • Bathrooms not sanitary

A nasty bathroom may be the most common time people have wished for a female device to pee standing up. A personal urination device like the pStyle allows you to keep a distance from the offending toilet. You can even use a urinal in a porta potty or the men’s room at a Taylor Swift concert (IYKTYK).

  • Bathrooms not available

Chances are good that you will find yourself in a place where there is no bathroom in sight. You might be camping or hiking, road-tripping, or working outdoors in a job like landscaping, so having a device for women to stand and pee while fully clothed changes the game. It works great for non-binary folks and trans men too!

2. Difficulty sitting or squatting

Young non-disabled people may not realize it, but being able to sit or squat is not something everyone can do. If you’ve ever broken a bone or have bad knees, you get why standing to pee could be very useful.

  • Physical issues

Sprains or broken bones, prosthetics, pregnancy – there’s an almost endless list of physical issues that can make sitting or squatting to pee a challenge. Stand-to-pee devices take the stress out of drinking water and make your life easier. Check out these stories from our users that highlight the importance of the pStyle to folks with physical issues.

  • Surgery

This device is invaluable for recovering from many surgeries, such as episiotomy or hip replacement.

  • Age

Age alone can make getting back up from the toilet seat challenging. With a pStyle device for a woman to pee standing, there is no need to compromise dignity when out in public or at home. Older adults can stand to pee confidently at a toilet of any height and keep hiking into their golden years without worrying about the need to squat on the trail.

3. Restrictive Clothing

Be it for fashion or safety; there are a lot of outfits that make it hard to sit or squat to pee.

  • One piece

Everyone loves rompers and overalls, except when you have to pee. Stand-to-pee devices make it easier to pee without getting naked in a bathroom stall as long as they have a functional fly.

  • Uniforms

First Responder or Military uniforms are difficult to remove for seated or squatting peeing. People in these professions commonly find themselves in situations where removing a gun belt or getting partially undressed to pee is not safe. A pee funnel means you don’t have to take anything off to pee in what may be a dangerous scenario.

  • Dry suit/Shapewear/Costumes

It’s not easy to remove these specialized clothing items every time you need to pee. With the zippers and flaps they have, using a stand-to-pee device makes going to the bathroom clean and easy.

4. Comfort & Safety

Many people restrict their water intake so they won’t have to pee at a time or place that compromises their comfort or safety. Standing to pee while fully clothed changes the game.

  • Weather, bugs, and poisonous plants

No one wants to bare their bum to icy temperatures, Lyme disease-carrying ticks, chiggers, or poison ivy. pStyle is one of the best stand-to-pee devices to use while out in nature to avoid coming in contact with anything that will make you itchy, sick, cold, or wet.

Check out our video demonstrating the use of the pStyle in a patch of poison ivy.

  • Safety

Many women, non-binary folks, and trans men are understandably concerned about exposing their bodies in a public place to pee. There are real safety concerns where this may attract unwanted attention. So, using a female stand-to-pee device while fully clothed increases safety and reduces stress.

A pStyle can even be used to pee into a bottle with total discretion if it is unsafe to leave where you are to pee or go into a restroom where you may be misgendered.

5. Gender Affirmation

For many trans men, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people, standing to pee is a joyous and important affirmation of their gender identity. A stand-up to-pee device may also benefit cis men who cannot stand and pee for medical reasons. Visit our page PUDs are for Everyone to learn more.

Urination Liberation!

Restricting water intake and “holding it” is something that women, non-binary, and trans people have done for too long. Whether you are recreating, working, aging, recovering, traveling, or celebrating, a stand-to-pee device like the pStyle will help you stay hydrated and relaxed about peeing when you need to.

Check out our wide variety of colors and skin tones to find the pStyle that will change your life.

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