10 Unique and Fabulous Outdoor Activities that LGBTQ+ People Love

10 Unique and Fabulous Outdoor Activities that LGBTQ+ People Love

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 17th Nov 2023

Outdoor activities! Who doesn’t love being outside on a beautiful sunny day? The closeted queer and trans gathering spaces of the past — dim, smoke-filled bars, for instance—have opened their doors to a bright, wide-open world.

Outdoor recreation, however, can present unique challenges to LGBTQ+ people, especially in rural places. Many people are confronting the obstacles of homophobia and transphobia in conservative environments. Being outdoors is a human birthright.

Here at pStyle, we know all about the outdoors. How and where to pee is a practical obstacle that can stop those of us who squat to pee from even trying a new outdoor activity. The pStyle is a practical solution to a very real problem.

Here are a few ways LGBTQ+ people love to get outside and have fun.


It’s the classic way we get to know the earth beneath our feet — and get to know new friends or lovers. Popular hikes can be accessible (paved loop trails in urban parks), adventurous (climbing mountains in the national parks), or highly challenging (hiking the whole Appalachian Trail).

Some queers go solo to get away from it all. Others explore trails with a new girlfriend.

A stand-to-pee-device can make hiking easy in ways you never thought possible. Peeing with a pStyle is fast, easy, discreet, and waste-free.

Rock Climbing

Queer and trans people love rock climbing! The sport is growing in popularity through urban climbing gyms, and climbers with a little skill under their harnesses will venture out to outdoor climbing spots in stunningly beautiful locations.

(Wanna know what makes it easier to pee in a climbing harness? The pStyle, of course!)

Queer Field Day

Urban LGBTQ+ communities are organizing field-day events to reclaim the fun outdoor activities that might have been denied to us as kids. Potato-sack races, tug-of-war, and water balloon tosses are part of the fun.

These events often take place in public parks, where the facilities might be unsanitary, unpleasant, portable, or locked. Keeping a pStyle on your belt is never a bad idea when you go to the park!

Community Gardening

Cooperative gardens have become a staple of many cities in recent decades. Most LGBTQ+ populations are urban, and gardening with neighbors is one of the best outdoor team-building activities there is.

It’s accessible for all ages and many body types, and it’s possible to make the world a little more beautiful while you do it.

Outdoor Festivals

Some outdoor festivals center around music, others around cultural identities, and others around art or politics. These outdoor gatherings have been powerful organizing points in the LGBTQ+ community — for women, for alternate sexualities, for political change.

More than anywhere, outdoor festivals will likely present conundrums about how to go to the bathroom. Stand-to-pee devices give people choices about how to pee and what to do about those portable potties.


Boating, waterskiing, stand-up paddling—is there a better way to spend a hot summer day? But if you’ve ever scooted your tush over the side of a boat, you’ll understand why a pStyle is a must-have on any boat. Stay hydrated, folks!

Professional Field Work

Hiking isn’t purely recreation for some people. Botanists, geologists, Forest Service workers, land surveyors, fire crews, ornithologists, and others—many of whom are members of the LGBTQ community — spend their working hours out in the field.

Let’s hear it for the hardest-working sector of our community doing field work — queer farmers!

Skiing and Other Snowsports

Ski slopes, lodges, and even cross-country skiing have historically been male-dominated and patriarchal spaces. But the great outdoors belongs to all of us! Women, queer, and trans people are making snowsports safer and more accessible.

We hear from our customers who use the pStyle in many different circumstances. Peeing outdoors with thick winter clothing is a time-honored predicament. Having a pStyle in your pocket means outdoor winter activities are warmer and more anxiety-free.

Dancing in the Street

Queer and trans people love to party outdoors — some would say we’re pioneers of the genre. In big cities, which is where most LGBTQ+ people congregate, getting outdoors is less about going hiking and more about gathering in public spaces.

Queer and trans people have claimed public areas by dancing and have pioneered dance styles that later permeated popular culture.

Let’s broaden our definition of the outdoors — the LGBTQ+ community will claim the outdoors wherever we are, and we’ll make it fabulous!

Bike Polo

Have you ever heard of bike polo? It’s like traditional polo but with bicycles instead of horses and has a long history. Bike polo clubs for queer people, women, trans people, and gender-non-conforming people are popping up in various cities. We happen to know that some bike polo players are also pStyle users!

LGBTQ+ People Are Expanding the World!

It’s a big world out there. Queer and trans people are making it bigger. When we engage in the outdoor activities we love, we’re making the world safer and more fabulous for ourselves and others.

Figuring out the practical details is what makes it work. The pStyle is a game-changer. For all the situations in which peeing outdoors would be a headache, the pStyle makes peeing simple and easy.

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