Ski Season is Here! Here’s How to Pee When You Need To

Ski Season is Here! Here’s How to Pee When You Need To

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 14th Nov 2023

It’s ski season again! The first snow flurries got your adrenaline pumping — and maybe your bladder pumping, too. Everyone in the snowsports world has funny stories (and chilling personal experiences) about peeing out on the slopes.

All skiers wear thermals, ski bibs, and other warm winter gear, but if you have ever squatted to pee, you’ll understand the winter sports how-to-pee dilemma.

The pStyle Makes It Easy

Winter clothing is an obstacle for everyone, regardless of gender, but peeing doesn’t have to be complicated. Our stand-to-pee devices only require a front zipper or similar openings at the crotch level.

The advantages of peeing standing up are apparent. It’s easier to stay balanced on your skis. You can find any old tree to hide behind. Your unexposed behind stays warmer. It’s safer because you’re less likely to tumble down in the snow.

When you’re all bundled up in your winter layers, that’s when the pStyle really shines.

Etiquette on the Slopes

Where you choose to pee is important. It’s empowering to carry a device for peeing standing up in your pocket, but it’s not a license to be thoughtless. The most obvious rule in the backcountry is to pee away from the skin track.

Keep your eye out for a discreet location where your yellow spot will be less visible. Importantly, stay 200 feet away from any water source, including streams or springs that may not be visible under the snow.

When you’re downhill skiing, off-piste areas frequently provide the cover of trees, but keep away from well-used ski trails. Your ski season pass is not a pass to be an ass!


When you're on skis, standing up to pee is about safety, too. You can maintain your balance without twisting or squatting if you're only unzipping one little zipper. There may only be one level spot to stand on. You can keep your skin protected from extreme cold temperatures, too.

Unfortunately, sexism is real on the ski slopes, including gender violence. Peeing quickly and discreetly is a matter of safety, and it's crucial for trans and gender-non-conforming skiers. Carrying a pStyle keeps it quick and simple.


A stand-to-pee-device is not the only consideration for peeing while skiing. It’s best for everyone, especially for people who squat to pee — drop-seat ski bibs are designed with a large back flap that detaches at the hips, making it possible to squat. You’ll need to pull down your underlayers, too, of course.

If you’re using a pStyle, you’ll need to wear clothing, including thermals, with zippers or other openings at the crotch. Because the pStyle has a rigid plastic design, it holds its form when inserted through underwear flaps (think men’s briefs) and multiple layers of clothing.

Choose the Right Gear

Rent skis for the season, plan new adventures and buy your passes. Solid preparations now let you fully enjoy your time out in the snow. Choosing gear that fits your body and works for you is important.

You don’t have to confine yourself to “women’s gear,” either. No matter how it’s advertised, make sure it fits you and feels right. The right gear matters! In one study, nearly three out of four professional women skiers reported stress urinary incontinence.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and the right gear can help.

Après-Ski, Pee!

Let’s make happy memories and unforgettable stories this ski season. And that includes the party at the bottom of the hill! (Remember, there are always bathrooms in the lodge.)

The pStyle can shift your whole perspective on bundling up for the winter weather. Check it out on our website, and let us answer your questions about how the pStyle can work for you.