How to Stay Hydrated During Outdoor Activities

How to Stay Hydrated During Outdoor Activities

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 5th Apr 2024

Hot Fun in the Summertime isn’t just a catchy song.

Your favorite summer outdoor activities demand more from your body in terms of exercise and the amount of water you’ll need. Complete hydration, however, has one inevitable, predictable consequence: you’ll need to pee. It can get tricky when you’re spending the day outdoors.

Let’s talk about it!

What Happens When You’re Dehydrated

Let’s take a moment to understand the science of hydration and dehydration.

Dehydration makes it harder to be physically active. Without sufficient water, the body struggles to process calories into cellular energy the muscles can use. Fun outdoor activities start feeling difficult, and fatigue sets in.

The Physiology of Dehydration

When you’re dehydrated, your heart starts working harder to keep up. Blood volume decreases as water leaves the body, which means the heart has to pump harder to maintain adequate blood supply to the whole body.

Water is also crucial for maintaining body temperature. In addition to sweating, water regulates body temperature through blood flow and heat transfer within the body.

Dehydration makes it harder for your body to perform basic functions. The effect is even more pronounced during strenuous exercise. Outdoor activities, especially in the hot summer, require your body’s full physiological abilities.

How Dehydrated Am I?

Urine color is a reliable indicator of dehydration. When a person is fully hydrated, their urine has a pale yellow color. As dehydration progresses, the urine’s color becomes increasingly dark.

Stay Hydrated With a pStyle

The pStyle is a handheld plastic device that makes it possible to pee standing up while fully clothed.

If you’ve ever worried about how and where to pee, the pStyle is for you! Carrying a stand-to-pee device makes it easier to stay fully hydrated and gives you more options for peeing when needed.

More Options for Where to Pee

The pStyle is easy to use indoors and outdoors. Its rigid plastic design cleanly carries urine away from the body and won’t buckle (or worse, spill) under elastic hems or crotch-level zippers.

Instead of squatting, you need only turn your back or find a little privacy. Other people might not even register what you’re doing. If you’re around big family games or other outdoor activities with groups of people, it’s easier to find a place to go.

You don’t have to sit down on stinky port-a-potties or other unhygienic public bathrooms, either.

Stay Hydrated All Day

Hydration is essential when you’re physically active. Full hydration means you’ll pee often throughout the day.

When you’re spending the day outside, the pStyle supports total hydration by making it easier to pee anywhere you go. You don’t have to hold your pee or skimp on drinking water.

You don’t have to miss outdoor team-building activities with the pStyle at your side.

Take the pStyle Everywhere

The pStyle is easy to carry anywhere. You can keep it in a canvas pCase on your belt or wrap it in a bandana and throw it in your purse or backpack. The pStyle fits in cargo-style pants pockets, fanny packs, or the glove compartment of a vehicle.

It’s easy to keep the pStyle clean. A vigorous shake after each use sheds urine off the surface. Wash it with soap and water whenever it’s convenient.


Hiking is often a top choice for familyoutdoor activities. You can venture farther away from the trailhead without worrying about pee breaks.

You won’t need to bare your bottom to passers-by, and you can keep drinking water throughout the hike.

Rock Climbing

Leave the climbing harness on. All you need to use the pStyle is a zipper or a waistband that can be easily pulled aside.


On rail trails, mountain paths, and rural highways, the pStyle makes it easy to take pee breaks on the side of the trail. Stand-to-pee devices are also helpful for city bikers who don’t know where the next good pit stop will be.

It may even be possible to pee in public places. Check out our tips for peeing discreetly and legally in public.

How to Hydrate

A few simple tips can help you stay adequately hydrated.

  • Prehydrate before you’re active; keep hydrating, and rehydrate afterward.
  • More frequent sips are better than large gulps far apart.
  • Water is best. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks, which have a diuretic, dehydrating effect.
  • Dress for the weather and season. Even outdoor fall activities can be dehydrating if you’re in the sun or breaking a sweat.

Hydrating Foods

Foods can also be hydrating. Watery fruits and vegetables give your body nutrition and hydration. Melons, cucumbers, strawberries, and tomatoes all contain high moisture content.

Watermelon is 92% water and contains lycopene, a compound found in tomatoes, grapefruits, and papayas. Scientists have speculated that lycopene and lutein, another organic compound, might help protect the body from UV rays.

If you’re planning a summer get-together or other outdoor party activities in the warmer months, include water-rich fruits and vegetables (especially ones that contain lycopene and lutein) to help yourself and the whole party stay hydrated.

Fluid Amounts

Recommendations for daily water intake range from four cups a day to almost double that. The right amount of fluid intake for each person will vary, depending on many factors, including body, diet, season, and exercise.

The simplest way to check your hydration level is to examine your urine color. The pStyle is perfect for that, too!

Keep It Cool

Don’t let your summertime outdoor activities dry you out. Staying fully hydrated supports your body and helps you to continue having fun.

If you want to know more about the pStyle and the many ways it can help you stay hydrated, visit our website and browse the full line of colorful and skin-tone pStyles.

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