Personal Urination Device - Who is it Best For?

Personal Urination Device - Who is it Best For?

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 14th Jul 2023

Many people have never heard of a personal urination device to stand up and pee and wonder who needs one. Although most pee funnels are marketed exclusively to outdoors women, at pStyle, we understand that most of the population can benefit from having one. Read on to learn more about the different types of people needing one.

All Ages

People often have questions about what ages can use the pStyle. We have found that it’s great for people from ages three to 103!


Parents have written to tell us that children as young as three have successfully used the pStyle. They find a urine device helps kids who might otherwise make a mess when squatting. It's also helpful for preventing kids from climbing on unsanitary public toilets. Hold the child above the toilet, position the pStyle, and voila.


The pStyle is fantastic for adults who often find themselves in situations where it would be helpful. Even if you are usually near a bathroom, keeping one in your purse or glove box is a good idea - just in case.


Aging usually brings at least a few aches and pains with it. Urinating with a device that lets you stand and pee means less sitting and standing back up. Many public toilets are too low for older people and may not have grab bars. Using a pStyle in situations like this allows them to preserve their dignity while out and about.

All Genders

While it's common to think of pee funnels as female urination devices, they are an item that anyone who cannot already stand to pee while fully clothed might need.

Non-Binary & Gender Non-Conforming

As long as people have existed, non-binary and gender non-conforming folks have lived and thrived. NB and GNC people who can't stand to pee while fully clothed will benefit from having a pStyle for the same convenience, comfort, and safety reasons as anyone else.


Many, but not all, women cannot stand to pee while fully clothed without a urine device for women. A lot of women grew up being told - you can't. You can't stand to pee; you can't be a doctor; you can't work construction, and on and on. Women can do all these things and more. Standing to pee is just the beginning.


Not all men can stand to pee while fully clothed. Some cis men have medical conditions that make standing to pee challenging or impossible. Trans men often need a male urination device for convenience, safety, and gender affirmation. A pStyle can help them regain this ability.

Cis men also buy pStyles for their partners, relatives, and friends. One man said his wife liked it better than any other gift he had gotten her, and it reduced his stress because she could discreetly pee wherever they went.

Physical Ability

Pee funnels are beneficial for people of all physical abilities.


Whether you have a temporary or permanent disability, a urination device is often a necessary part of your daily life. If your ability to sit or squat is impaired, being able to stand and pee takes the stress out of going when you need to.


People in chairs often want to know if the pStyle is for them. The answer is - it depends. The device needs to be placed below the urethra and tilted down. You must be able to scoot forward in the chair far enough to position it correctly.


Whether you live rurally, or in an urban setting, the pStyle is a helpful tool you’ll want to have.


People who live rurally are often in places without bathrooms. You might be working in a field, the forest, or your garden. Rather than trekking back to a bathroom, use a women’s urination device to pee near the roots of a plant you want to fertilize and keep working. Urine has nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace minerals that plants need to grow. Check out the Rich Earth Institute for advice on best application practices.


Although there are more toilets in a city, it can be hard to access them. Unsanitary public bathrooms are often the norm when you can find them. This lack of access especially burdens unhoused people. The pStyle is a urine collection device when used with a plastic bottle. You can pee into the bottle modestly and dispose of the bottle properly when convenient.

Peedom for All

No matter who you are, drinking lots of water and peeing at least seven times a day is a good idea. Age, gender, ability, and where you live shouldn't restrict your ability to pee when necessary. As we've learned, all types of people can benefit from having a urination device like the pStyle.

Read through stories from our users to learn more about the different types of people who love the pStyle. When you are ready to get one for yourself or your loved one, visit our bulk product page to pick out your favorite colors and get ready to experience urination liberation!

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