What is a Female Urination Device and Why is It Important?

What is a Female Urination Device and Why is It Important?

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 18th Jul 2023

A female urination device is a funnel that directs urine away from the body while peeing. You can use one to pee while standing when toilet facilities are unsanitary or unavailable or when clothing or physical issues prevent sitting or squatting to pee.

We all have to drink water and pee to stay healthy. Women, trans men, non-binary (NB), and gender non-conforming (GNC) people often face barriers to peeing when necessary. Restricting liquids or delaying urination can lead to many health, safety, and comfort issues. You can avoid these problems with the correct Personal Urination Device (PUD).


There are many different women’s urination devices available. Shape, material, reusability, and gender all play a role in choosing the best device for you.


PUDs come in two shapes. One looks like a round funnel that points down, the other like a short gravy boat that points out.

The funnel designs need enough vertical space to fit under your urethra. Using them without pulling your pants partway down is often tricky.

The gravy boat style is placed under the urethra horizontally, so less room is needed. You can use these types without disrobing by going through a pants zipper or pulling an elastic waistband down.


Manufacturers make female urination devices out of paper, plastic, or silicone. Some artists have made them from metal or ceramic, but these aren’t practical for everyday use.

  • Silicone and paper funnels are flexible, which can make them easier to store. However, this flexibility often backfires if the funnel collapses during use.
  • Hard plastic, such as polypropylene, could be slightly more challenging to store, but it will not collapse during use.
  • Paper cannot be cleaned. Silicone and hard plastic can be cleaned with soap and water or a disinfecting wipe as long as it contains no harsh chemicals.


A female urinal device made from paper is used once and thrown away. It may be convenient for the occasional user but it creates unnecessary trash.

Plastic or silicone devices can be reused for many years if washed regularly with mild soap and water and stored away from direct sunlight. To gain the environmental and financial benefits of reuse, it is also key not to lose your pee funnel, let your dog eat it, or run it over with your car.

Gender Inclusivity

Most brands exclusively market a women’s urine device to cis women with traditionally feminine colors and imagery.

At pStyle, we don’t think women’s products must be pink. We recognize that all genders have bought and benefited from our products and use a rainbow of colors and images that are welcoming to all.

Importance of a PUD

Every human on this planet needs to pee daily to exist. It’s often hard for women, trans men, and NB/GNC people to find safe, sanitary places to go. There are also types of clothing and health conditionsthat make it hard to sit or squat. Getting a urine device for women can make a difference in quality of life for over half the people in the world.

The Urinary Leash

Modern public toilets originated in the 1850s when women were expected to stay home, so architects and builders made fewer accommodations for them. In modern times this trend continues, as well as overt hostility and legal threats towards Trans, NB, and GNC people using public toilets.

These conditions often result in this large percentage of the population feeling held back by a “urinary leash” when going out in public. People often experience a dramatic increase in personal freedom when they start using a standing urination device.


Restricting water intake to avoid having to pee can lead to dehydration. According to the European Hydration Institute, even mild dehydration can cause headache, dizziness, and fatigue, and severe dehydration is life-threatening. Chronic dehydration can lead to many health issues.

At pStyle, we have heard too many stories of people limiting their water intake in dangerous situations like military engagement or firefighting because they cannot remove gear and safely sit or squat to pee. A female urine device makes these jobs easier and safer.

Holding It

Holding it is something most people are familiar with. You may be hiking or driving a long stretch of highway and resist the urge to urinate because there are no bathrooms in sight. It’s ok to hold it occasionally, but if done regularly, it can be bad for your health and lead to an overstretched bladder, urinary retention, or Urinary Tract Infections.


While not being able to drink enough water and urinate as needed can cause health problems, it’s also stressful. Many people cannot concentrate or relax when they really have to go. A standing urine device can help you go discreetly and hygienically, regardless of the availability or quality of the facilities.


For women, trans men, and NB/GNC people, exposing the lower half of your body to squat and pee can be unsafe due to things like bugs or poison ivy or because of other people. Standing to pee while fully clothed keeps sensitive body parts shielded from view and away from creepy crawly itchy things.

Pee Funnels are Practical and Life Changing!

A female urination device can come in many forms, and most are inexpensive and easy to order online. If you’ve ever experienced problems with staying hydrated or going when needed, it’s worth giving them a try. People often tell us that once they get one, they never want to leave home without it.

At pStyle, our product is best for most - but not all - people. If you have any questions about whether or not it is right for you, please get in touch with us. We are here to help you in your urination liberation journey.