5 Important Things to Consider with a Travel Backpack

5 Important Things to Consider with a Travel Backpack

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 1st Mar 2024

Here at pStyle, we talk to a lot of travelers. Traveling brings up practical questions — not to mention emotional ones — especially if you’re queer, transgender, and/or a woman.

You’ll have to think ahead, not only about what you’ll pack but how you’ll navigate the surroundings at your destination.

Using a travel backpack — a lightweight suitcase meant to be your sole luggage — gives you mobility and flexibility. You can walk off the plane with both hands free and your belongings on your back.

Here’s a list of tips for staying safe and traveling light.

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water! Traveling can make it challenging to drink enough. Carrying a water bottle in your pack ensures that you can stay hydrated, and you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices to do so.

Many travel backpacks have a built-in pouch for water bottles. Consider packing a small, handheld water filter, too; they’re sold for hikers but can be used with questionable municipal water systems.

Airplanes are in low-humidity environments. Especially on long flights, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Passengers should plan to drink 8 ounces of water per hour during a flight.

Think Ahead About Food

Your body may be out of its comfort zone in a new place with an unfamiliar cuisine. Research your destination and the experiences of travelers with similar needs.

With a lightweight travel backpack, you won’t have space to bring lots of heavy food. But you can pack snacks and some nutrient-dense foods. Mixing familiar foods with new ones gives your body time to adjust to the local cuisine.

Personal Hygiene

Staying healthy isn’t just about what you pack. You can be strategic about how you take care of your body on the road.

The pStyle

People love the pStyle for many reasons! For travelers, it makes life on the road much more manageable.

The pStyle is a stand-to-pee device with a rigid-plastic, handheld design that allows you to pee discreetly without removing any clothing.

Public restrooms are not always clean, especially in busy airports and train stations. Using a pStyle reduces the surface contact you have inside the bathroom. Don’t forget to wash your hands, though!

The pStyle gives you other options, too. In situations where dropping your pants or squatting is unthinkable (and illegal), standing to pee might be a viable alternative. You can keep your pants on and find a discreet spot to pee. It’s safer, and it may even be legal.

At its best, a stand-to-pee device liberates you to move through the world safely and comfortably — plus, you can stay hydrated. You’ll have more (and safer) choices of where to stop for bathroom breaks. The pStyle gives you options.

The pStyle is also Excellent for CampingHiking, and Rock Climbing

Older and disabled travelers can use the pStyle to support their independence. Despite accessibility regulations, many toilets—even the supposedly accessible ones—are so low that it’s difficult to sit down or stand back up.

Using a device for women to pee standing up means you don’t have to risk getting stuck on a low toilet. The pStyle gives you freedom from bathroom-related worries while navigating new places.

The pStyle can also affect your clothing choices. In cold-weather climates where pants, coveralls, and snowsuits are necessary, it is far easier (and more comfortable!) to pee standing without removing your clothing. The pStyle’s rigid-plastic design ensures you won’t spill on your pant legs.

The pStyle is a simple, lightweight addition to your bag. A women’s travel backpack may feature separate exterior pockets. But most people prefer to pack the pStyle inside the bag, wrapped in a bandana or other simple cloth. You can also slip it into our handmade canvas pCase, which doubles as a carrier to attach to your belt or outside your bag for easier access.

Menstrual Cups

Much like the pStyle, menstrual cups give you freedom when traveling. Especially on long-duration trips that span multiple cycles, a reusable menstrual cup means you won’t need to buy hygiene products on the road. They also reduce waste and the need for waste disposal.

For many travelers, especially women, a travel backpack, menstrual cup, and pStyle are more than just “gear.” They are sensible tools that allow you to plan and experience your trip with minimal unnecessary hassle.

Menstrual cups sold by different brands are increasingly common. If they’re new to you, consider trying one before traveling.

Pack Your Clothing Strategically

Most people overpack when they travel. When traveling light, it’s essential to think clearly about what you’ll need (and what you won’t).

If you’re using a travel backpack for women, the bag’s dimensions may be smaller than standard-format suitcases. Nonetheless, packing everything you need for your trip is entirely possible.

A helpful metric is the 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule:

  • One hat
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Three bottoms
  • Four tops
  • Five pairs of socks
  • Six pairs of underwear (plus a bra, if needed)

Packing cubes are smart, too. In addition to keeping you organized on the road, they help you pare your pack list down to the essentials.

Think Ahead About Medication

Planning goes a long way when you’re filling a travel backpack. For women, there might be specific questions about menstrual products, clothing, and what’s in your first aid kit.

The most important principle is to consider the acute needs your body might have. Are you taking a ferry? Bring anti-nausea medication! Are you susceptible to cold sores? Bring your lysine!

Of course, it’s critical to bring any daily medications you take and ensure you are carrying enough for your trip.

Plan to Have Fun

Whether you’re carrying a bindle, a travel backpack, or a steamer trunk, planning before you leave will help you relax and have fun when you’re on the road.

Want to know more about the pStyle? Our website has lots of information, including our extensive blog about the pStyle.

The pStyle is available in multiple colors, including five skin tones.

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