5 Powerful Reasons Why People with Disabilities Need a Urination Device

5 Powerful Reasons Why People with Disabilities Need a Urination Device

Posted by Krista Eickmann on 8th Feb 2024

The pStyle is a handheld device used to pee standing up without removing clothing. It’s a versatile tool that helps people at all levels of ability interact with inaccessible bathrooms, pee easily at home, pee outdoors, and live empowered, independent lives.

Here’s why the pStyle is a powerful tool for people with disabilities.

Increases Public Bathroom Accessibility

Lack of grab bars, low toilets, and inadequate transfer space are common issues with public bathrooms.

Grab Bars

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act requires grab bars, not every public toilet has them. Sometimes, bars are not correctly placed or have become loose. These scenarios make standing back up after using the toilet challenging.

Low Toilets

Low toilets are also a problem. For people with arthritis and knee pain, it can be excruciating to sit down and impossible to stand back up. Calling for help from inside the bathroom is something people want to avoid.

With a urination device like the pStyle, you can pee from a standing position without risking sitting on a low toilet.

Check out our guide on how to use the pStyle. It’s easy, clean, and fast.

Limited Transfer Space

People who use wheelchairs often encounter a bathroom stall that technically complies with the transfer-space guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act, but does not leave space for a wheelchair user to transfer to the toilet.

For some people with a disability who are in chairs, the pStyle is helpful. If you can scoot forward in your chair enough to place the pStyle under your urethra, you can roll up to the front of the toilet and use it without transferring.

Increases Outdoor Recreation Accessibility

Hiking, cycling, and swimming are often enjoyable for people with disabilities like joint pain, arthritis, and prosthetics, but squatting to pee may be impossible. The ability to pee with a pStyle removes a significant barrier to leaving the house and recreating outdoors.

Stand-to-pee devices make peeing easy when you can pee on the side of the trail without exposing yourself. Ease of peeing supports adequate hydration, a must when you’re physically active.

Standing to pee also helps avoid common outdoor pitfalls when squatting to pee, such as bugs, poison ivy, and cold weather.

Everyday Bathroom Visits Are Easier

Peeing is the reason people most often visit the bathroom. Home bathrooms, especially in older buildings, tend to be narrow spaces with lower toilets. Even people with accessible bathrooms at home may encounter difficult bathrooms when visiting friends or family.

Visiting Friends and Family

One of the benefits for people with disabilities of a pStyle is that you are less likely to get trapped in a problematic bathroom situation when you’re visiting people. Standing to pee offers more options for navigating a bathroom you haven’t encountered before - or one you know you will have trouble with.

At Home

You can use the pStyle in conjunction with other home healthcare devices. For many people, using a pStyle at the bedside in a commode or pee bottle is easier and more comfortable. Especially in the middle of the night, a standing urination device can save a potentially dangerous trip to the bathroom.

Some customers report using the pStyle at home because it is quicker and easier than sitting to pee. Due to its wiping feature, you can save on toilet paper too!

Supports Independence at Home

One of the most essential things a pStyle can do is support a person’s independence. The ability to navigate bathrooms and bodily functions independently allows one to move through the world freely and live at home with dignity.

One customer has told us that she keeps a pStyle in every bathroom, car, and purse so that it’s always there when she needs it!

The American Association of People with Disabilities writes in its list of principles that “people with disabilities have the right to live independently in the community in the most integrated setting of their choice.”

Improved Quality of Life

The independence a pStyle offers can improve quality of life in fundamental ways. People with mobility issues are likely to be comfortable at home. The ease of use that a pStyle brings to the daily experience of peeing might shift an older person’s relationship to their living space and caregivers.

Older People

Older people can use the pStyle to navigate their home environment. A stand-to-pee devicelike the pStyle not only eases the bathroom experience but can be combined with commodes or pee bottles in the bedroom, reducing the risk of falling.

When older people are safe in their homes and at lower risk of falling, they are more likely to remain independent in their living situations. Independence at home is a significant part of integration into family and community.

A New Perspective on the World!

The pStyle has provided a life-changing experience for many people across a wide range of people with disability.

Our customers have shared many issues that keep them from wanting to venture out into the world due to the stress of figuring out how to pee. There are less typical things, like a fear of loud noises when using automatically flushing toilets or the inability to squat on the trail, which many people experience.

Whatever the issue (and we are sure there are some we haven’t heard of yet), people experience a broadening of their world when they get a pStyle. They can go to more places, explore, and participate in public life again. Some might even call it Peedom!

The pStyle Is for All Bodies

There’s incredible gear out there for people with disabilities. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most powerful. Being able to stand and pee may not seem like much, but we know from our customers it is often truly life-changing.

Check out our website for more information about the pStyle. Get in touch on our contact page with questions — we love hearing from our customers!